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Song Presentation

No description

Adrianna Ramsay

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Song Presentation

Skyscraper- Demi Lovato By:Adrianna Ramsay At the beginning of Skyscraper, the
mood is sad and hopeless. Demi’s
voice shakes and she sounds like she
is on the verge of tears. The volume is soft in order to increase the emotional
impact of the beginning of the song. At the end of the song, Demi’s voice gets much louder and she sounds like she
is screaming. The mood of Skyscraper goes from sad to encouraging. Her voice gets louder and stronger as she sings the chorus. The Meaning Skyscraper was created before Demi's trip to rehab and released as a comeback afterwards. She wrote the song to say that no matter who brings her down, she will stand tall like a skyscraper. Demi has used her music to help her though her personal struggles. The song shows the impact that music can have on people. Figurative Language 1. Skies are crying, I am watching
Simile; She is like a skyscraper, rising from the pain and ruins someone (or even herself) has brought upon her, and she continues to remain standing. Tone The tone of Skyscraper is very soft but begins to become louder and more confident after a while. The softness, then the louder more cofident tone relates to the meaning because Demi is trying to say no matter who puts you down get back up and stand tall. Personification; Because skies don't
cry. 2. All my windows, still are broken, but I'm standing on my feet Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
3. Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper Metaphor; because Demi doesn't have
the windows but she is referring them to the skyscraper. Mood Skyscraper is a free verse song because it doesn't rhyme. Since the song Skyscraper doesn't have a repetivite rhyme scheme, it
is a free verse. How ever the lyrics "Like a
Skyscraper, Like a Skyscaper" do repeat in
the song several times. Rhythm The
End Demi has shown that music can have a heavy impact on people and can help them get through many different obstacles in their life. Demi Lovato was born August 20, 1992 in Dallas, Texas. She started acting at the age of six and started her singing career in 2007 and 2008 when she starred in 'Camp Rock' and 'Sonny With A Chance'. In 2010, Demi dropped out of the 'Jonas Brothers Live in Concert' and entered rehab for physical and emotioanl issues, which were related back to her history of being bulling in school, bulimia and self harm. She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Demi has gotten several awards for what she has done to stand up to bulling. She is involved with alot of different campagins.
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