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Recreational understandings of outdoor environments

OES Unit 2 Outcome 1.2

Brendan Hodges

on 18 July 2018

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Transcript of Recreational understandings of outdoor environments

Recreational users' understandings of specific environments
Understandings will vary depending on what is experienced from a recreational activity and what knowledge is required for safety and success
lets look at a few examples..
What would they understand due to what they do?
Alpine flora and fauna, and how they interact
Effects of ice on grip
Warmest periods of the day
UV's manipulation due to snow
Blizzard occurrence
Snow melt
What does he understand due to this activity?
What are your own understandings from climbing?
Understanding of ideal geological formations for climbing
Places vegetation can grow
Dew levels at different times of the day
Strength and feel of sandstone vs granite
Weather reading
Gravity's safety implications

What would they understand?
Rain occurrence and it's effect on river levels
Effects of water temperature
Understanding of Aquatic flora and fauna
Speed of water flow on different sections of the river
Eddy effect and location reading
River hydrolics at rapids

What is their understanding?
What are your own from bushwalking?
Certainly depends on environment. Could include:
Grip of different terrains
Knowledge of geology
Plant life and how it can assist or hinder them
Animals in the area
Weather reading
Temperature variations in different environments
Understanding of plant life variations due to altitude

What would cyclists and mountain bikers understand about outdoor environments?
Understand that rock surfaces are more stable than sandy areas due to needing to experience maintaining a fast and stable line on courses.
They understand the foliage of smaller bushes is much more flexible than that of thicker eucalypts due to riding through them.
They understand that after a cold morning dew can effect the amount of grip their wheels so they opt for thicker tyres.
What would horse riders understand about the environment?
Hooves of the horse often leave impressions and over time soil will erode away due to this.
Understanding of flora in a particular area and what is edible for their horse.
Understanding of weather indicators
Terrain suitable for horses to navigate
Understanding of geology for navigation
Identification of suitable water courses that may contain palatable water.

Hot periods of the day to avoid.
Now in groups of 2-3 research your own recreational pursuits (2-3)..

Explore what do you need to know to be able to undertake each activity effectively and what specific things do you understand about a specific outdoor environment due to undertaking this activity?
The following is a look at surfing and the understandings required for the specific environment.

List what this recreational activities allows (and requires) you to understand about this environment

What do they need to understand?
Hold on to your handlebars as Claudio Caluori takes us on a high speed ride through an intense downhill MTB trail in South Africa.
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