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Asha Woldu

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Eritrea

By: Asha Woldu, Jaterra Grant and, Lakenya Chapman
Eritrea Is highlighted in the picture above. It is located in the horn of east Africa, next to the red sea, and as you can see it is a very small nation compared to most in the continent of Africa. Eritrea is a name that came from the greeks meaning "red sea"
Italian Invasion of Eritrea
What Role Did Eritrea Play?

During imperialism, Eritrea was not an independent nation but still supported and fought with Ethiopians against the Italians.
After Imperialism, in 1882 the Italians came back yet again to confiscate Eritrean land and when they invaded the country, they created borders, established italian government, and tried to take Eritreans to fight with them against the Ethiopians.
After the Eritreans were taken by force, they tricked the Italians into taking their weapons and fighting on the side of the Ethiopians.
This helped the Eritreans and Ethiopians stick together like they always did in the past
Italy was eventually pushed out of Eritrea with the help of Ethiopians and all the enemies of fascist Italy for example the British in 1947.
Developed countries like Britain helped push out Italy in hopes of also taking over Eritrea.
After countless battles, Eritrea went through many struggles to become their own independent nation but that was not all...

Similarities in Eritreans and Ethiopians
Although these two African people are labeled as Eritreans and Ethiopians, both people are so similar that they also call themselves "Habesha." Habesha is a term used to avoid the distinct division of the groups and celebrate the unity of people belonging to the same region. Habesha people share the same languages, culture, and physical features.
Eritrea and Their Fight for Independence
Flag in 1890 an Italian State

What Makes Eritrea so Unique?
Eritrea went through many difficulties to achieve separate independence from Ethiopia. Colonization doesn't always have negative affects after the matter
Italians helped stabilize a good educational system, and helped the nation become more developed.
From this, many Eritreans spoke Italian fluently and when they went to Ethiopia they helped the country improve and develop when they occupied jobs there.
As well as defeating the Italians, the Eritreans still had to face Ethiopia who wanted to keep Eritrea in the same country as them.
What makes Eritrea so unique is how they defeated Ethiopia in a continuous war for thirty years being such a small country, made enemies with powerful countries like the U.S and Britain who were on the side if Ethiopia, all while going for their goal and that was to be independent.
Transition of Eritrean Flags
How Did the Eritrean Flag Transform?
Colony of Eritrea
State of Eritrea
Province of Eritrea
The State of Eritrea
Key People of Eritrean Independence
Who Made a Difference?
Woldeab Woldermariam or also known as the "Father of Eritrean Independence." He was a school teacher and taught the people of Eritrea. He later moved to the capitol of Eritrea, Asmara, and promoted the popularity of Tigrinya. He improved the education in Eritrea during the war.
Eritreans are a remarkable kind of people who endured one of the longest struggles in the world to gain their independence. Fighting for over a century, Eritrea faced enormous consequences to pursue their independence. What makes this nation so unique is not only because of how long they fought for and the the suffering, they stood behind their wishes of independence even if it meant going against the most powerful forces in the world.
Eritrea became a independent country on May 24, 1993 and has only been independent for merely 21 years.
Other political speakers at this time like Halie Dure spoke out for their people of Eritrea when they fought for independence.
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