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No description

Olivia Brown

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of Thanksgiving

On Tuesday after school I went a got my license. I passed! On Wednesday we went to Akron to pick up Dylan, then we headed down to West Virginia.
In West Virginia we hung out with my grandparents and prepared ourselves for the big Thanksgiving Dinner!
The night before Thanksgiving my brother and I convinced my grandparents to watch Stranger Things and they ended up loving it.
Olivia Brown
We ate our dinner and everything was great. My favorites are ham, coleslaw, and mash potatoes.
The Rest of Break
We went home Saturday and later that night I went to the mall and bought a book. On Sunday I got sushi which is my favorite food ever. :)
Black Friday
We all decided to go to the mall. I bought some sunglasses and some shirts.
The End
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