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Sherman Alexie and Marxist Literary Criticism

No description

Eve Beauchemin

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Sherman Alexie and Marxist Literary Criticism

Sherman Alexie and Marxist Literary Criticism
Meet Sherman Alexie and Karl Marx
Let's dig a little deeper, shall we?
And now we conclude
Wait, what topic did you choose?
And what author?
Sherman Alexie, Spokane Indian
Hydrocephalus & poverty
Varied writing history
Heavily awarded works
I see. So, which book of his did you choose?
Sherman Alexie's Troubled Life
Analyzing Marxist Literary Criticism
Junior's Story
Section Connection
What I've learned
Trials and Tribulations
What I've learned about myself
Okay, but how does Karl Marx fit into all of this?
Native American literature
Unique culture & background
Not covered much in school; focus on past
Disc ver new way of thinking
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Arnold Spirit Jr.
Conflict, poverty & neglect
Hope, identity & death
Marxist literary criticism:
Social class
Class conflict
Economics & wealth
Lower class rebellion
Hydrocephalus & seizures
Beaten, mocked & poor
High school transfer
College &
The Business of Fancydancing
Novels, poems & short stories
Awards & recognition
Class differences
Art must have purpose
Ideological domination
Materialism vs spirituality
Contradiction, tension, & revolution
Idolizing vs loathing bourgeoisie
Thanks for Watching!
By Eve Beauchemin
Arnold Spirit Jr.
Health, wealth & art
Mr.P, school & hope
The weirdest fistfight & status
Hiding poverty & basketball
Deaths of grandmother, Eugene & sister
Reconciliation & multi-tribal nomad
Alexie = Arnold & Arnold = oppressed, idolizing & rebellious
Economic motivation for art
Focus on wealth, materialism, class conflict
Challenging social structure
About my author
Harsh life journey
Diverse, prolific literary artist
Unique use of dark humor and irony
About my book
Addresses issues that are usually ignored
Finding identity & overcoming internal and external obstacles
Cultural topic
Alcohol abuse, poverty & premature death
Sense of hopelessness & lack of self worth
The difficulties:
Picking a topic, author & critical theory
Getting my message across in my essay
The piece-of-cake parts:
Reading the novel
Researching the author & critical theory
Strongly identify with concept of wealth being hidden motivation behind behavior& feelings of being an outcast
Enjoy discovering new modes of thought & hypothesizing about why they think this way
Interesting to learn about different cultures & their ways of life
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