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Female Fedayees-Educational

No description

Maria Zaki

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Female Fedayees-Educational

Women Fedayees!?
*What does Fedayee mean?

-Their role was no different from that of a male fedayee with the added tasks of mother and housewife.

-Armenian National Liberation Movement
-Iranian Constitutional Revolution
-Sasun Uprising
-Defense of Van
Image by Tom Mooring
Female Fedayees-Educational
Soseh Mayrig
Adrineh Shahijanian Gouloomian
-Army Lieutenant
-Western Region honored several Armenian American U.S. military veterans on 2011
Fun Fact: In 2001, Lt. Adrineh Shahijanian Gouloomian became the 34th female Kiowa Warrior pilot in U.S. history. The Army only began allowing women to fly combat aircraft in the early 1990s.
Even though the role of an Armenian woman has always been a homemaker, taking care of their husband and children, they were not afraid to grab the rifle and go fight next to their husbands, children and countrymen for the Motherland. They sent their young children to fight and die for their country next to their fathers without a second thought, knowing that they may never see them again.
Her real name was Sose Vardanian.
Married to Serop Aghpuyr
Two kids: Hagop and Samson
She was loving + caring to everyone!
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