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Wegmans- Who We Are

8-10 Minute Oral Presentation

Samer Hanash

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Wegmans- Who We Are

Company Founded in 1916: John and Walter Wegman
Rochester, NY
Today: 81 Stores
Mid-Atlantic Region (NY, PA, NJ, VA, MA, and MD)
Fortune Magazine "100 Best Companies To Work For In America"- 15 consecutive years in a row
Privately owned, not publicly shared How It Started (Cont.)... Strategic planning session was held at the corporate office and headquarters in Rochester, NY
Campaign Development Team By: Samer Hanash "Who We Are"
Campaign Who We Are How It Started... Latest Addition To The Campaign http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_6nin3223 Campaign Initiated in November, 1999
In-house campaign: No agency was contacted
Created to supplement the "Everyday You Get Our Best" campaign that started in 1982
Consists of FOUR groups of mission statements that act as companion pieces
"What We Do", "What We Measure", "Who We Are", and "What We Believe"
Challenge: To develop long held values with a vision of what they wanted to be with a deliberate focus on customer service. Alec Baldwin as spokesperson Extra Facts Campaign has been running for 13 years
Still active today
"Who We Are" has been published in every store including some of its most popular products, and also in employee and training literature
It has become the life line to Wegmans success for 13 years
The "Who We Are" campaign has grown into many different segments today. Famous "I Am A Merchant" speech by Robert Wegman
Major source used
Written back in 1967 when Rob was the president of the Super Market Institute Where The Idea Came From... - late Robert Wegman (d. 2006)
- Danny Wegman (current CEO)
- Bob Hughes (VP of Public Relations)
- Mary Ellin Burris (Head of Human Resources)
- John Branagan (VP of General Merchandise) Presented to campaign board by Danny Wegman Was It Successful? So far YES... Was It Successful? (Cont.) Business schools across the country are still trying to find the mystery behind Wegmans' financial success
How did a small family owned business turn into a supermarket empire?
Numerous textbooks and used in financial education
1999: Expansion began (81 stores) Wegmans credits huge success in recent 13 years to the campaign
Has helped Wegmans achieve awards - Fortune Magaizine: 100 Best Companies To Work For In America (15 Years in a row)
- The American Business Media's William D. Littleford Award for community impact (2001)
- Child Magazine: The Most Family-Friendly Supermarket in America
- NEEP: Northeast Business Leader for Energy Efficiency Award (2009) - Only operated out of PA and NY at the time Incredible media attention Was It Successful? (Cont.) Lynn Moore (Head of HR of Buffalo Division) "This isn't rocket science. The reason for our success throughout all of these years is due to the fact that when you show your people, both customers and employees, the way your business is conducted, with no fillers or false information, sooner or later they then realize that your company stands behind their mission statement and values. It is all about good business ethics, and because of the Who We Are campaign, it has made us very successful since its upbringing." Industrial Organization Psychology
Family Like Setting
Higher standards to live by
Company structure growth Employees... Audience: Families and Children * Overall outcome: Positive Public Feedback The End November 2010
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