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The Devil Wears Prada

No description

Sarah Franks

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada
Film analysis
The nature of the fashion industry is portrayed as hardworking and stressful. The people working in the fashion industry are portrayed as judging and stuck-up. When Andy first started at Runway, Emily judged Andy based on what she was wearing rather than her personality.
The nature of the fashion industry

The people that are higher-up in the industry seem to be more demanding and controlling. For example Miranda and Emily. Emily makes Andy do things she doesn’t want to do. In this scene when Emily is waiting for Andy to get back to Runway, she stands in a confident yet worried way. The camera uses a medium shot to show this. She is shown as being slightly worried as she doesn’t know what Miranda will do if Andy doesn’t get back with her coffee soon.
Just before this shot, all the employees of Runway are rushing to get organised as Miranda is just about to walk through the doors. This scene shows Miranda walking into Runway. The camera uses a low shot to show that Miranda is quite an important person.
Andy believes that staying true to your beliefs is very important. She states this in the beginning of the film when she says that she wouldn’t change for the sake of her job. Throughout the movie, she starts to change her style of fashion in order to fit in with her work colleagues. In this scene she had just asked Nigel to help her change her style. The camera uses a medium shot to show Andy holding the new clothes she has just collected and her expression. She looks happy that Nigel is helping her to fit in.
Staying true to your beliefs
When Andy changes her style, it is obvious to the viewer that she has become more confident in herself and around her work colleagues. In this scene, just after Andy has changed her style, the camera uses a long shot to show her new outfit and how confident she looks.
Body Image is shown negatively in the fashion industry, which is they should be really skinny. The image the fashion industry has for women is that they should be really skinny. Throughout the movie Andy loses some weight and goes down a few sizes. When Andy tells Nigel this the camera uses a medium shot so that the viewer can see that Andy lost weight.
Body image
When Andy tells Emily that she is looking skinnier the camera uses a close-up shot to show how happy Emily is that her efforts in losing weight have not gone to waste.
In the movie the fashion industry is portrayed as a judging stressful industry. The women that are involved in the fashion industry are skinny, trendy and always up to date with the latest trends. The people working in the fashion industry are always competing with each other for “who is the skinniest” and “who has the most fashionable clothes”.
The Devil Wears Prada
Directed by David Frankel, The Devil Wears Prada is a contemporary text which explores working life in a high pressure industry. While the film looks at the chaotic times endured by Andy at Runway Fashion magazine, it also explores some of life’s valuable lessons. The shots and angles, editing, lighting, sound and costuming used all reveal the films plot and themes in a highly entertaining way. The themes staying true to your beliefs, body image and the nature of the fashion industry will be analysed.
By Sarah Franks
At the beginning of the film, when the women are getting ready for work, they are all shown as confident and independent, whereas Andy is shown as clumsy and disorganised. The camera uses long shots on all the women, each of them walking confidently to work, while Andy is rushing to work.
Andy is shown in this scene as stressing and disorganised. The camera uses a long shot to show that she is rushing and attempting to multitask in order to get back to Runway faster.
She also changes her priorities. She starts to put Miranda before anything else. At the end of the movie she realises how much Miranda has taken over her life, so she decides to leave Miranda in Paris and head home back to Nate. In this scene the camera uses a close-up shot to show that Andy is happy about finally being free from Miranda.
All the girls in Runway want to look skinny and fashionable. In some cases they go to extremes to get to their ideal weight. One example of this is when Emily tells Andy towards the end of the movie that she is on a diet where she eats nothing and when she feels hungry she eats a block of cheese.
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