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Hotspots Deux


Lloyd Osagie

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Hotspots Deux

Apetti Tennis Centre
Bournemouth Gardens Tennis Centre
Caversham Park
Clissold Park
Hyde Park
Lammas Park
Oxstalls Indoor Tennis Centre
Regents Park
Totally Tennis
Totton & Eling Tennis Centre
Will To Win Chiswick Tennis Centre
Writhlington Sports Centre
Bitts Park Recreation
Burgess Park Tennis Centre
White Hart Lane Tennis Club
Christchurch Tennis Facility
Colchester Tennis Centre
Corby Indoor Tennis Centre
Cramlington Community Tennis Programme
Danson Park
Eastbourne Sports Park
Eastbourne, Gildredge Park
Heron Tennis Centre
Hollybush Recreation Ground
Hylands CASC
Queens Park Tennis Courts
Raphael Park
Tennis Borders
The Meadows
Victoria Park, Leamington
War Memorial Park, Coventry
Woughton Leisure centre (MK Ace)
Tarka Tennis Centre
Maes Bodlonfa (formerlyThe Alun School)
Exeter Tennis Centre Portsmouth
Nottingham / Loughborough
Welwyn / St Albans
Reading / Wokingham
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