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Rebecca Ddeut Kim

on 15 May 2012

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Transcript of Vygotsky

T Lev Vygotsky. 1896 - 1934 introducing: Mr Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky FLASHBACK!! Jean Piaget 1896-1980 Painting Activity! =) Piaget vs. Vygotsky Development of language moved from individual to social
Children can discover & learn on their own - shouldn't be guided
Teachers should not impose new skills unless children show interest Zone of Proximal Development The ZPD is the difference between what an individual can learn without help and what they could be achieve with help from someone with more knowledge SCENARIO!
A child is given a jigsaw puzzle to solve by themselves and finds it difficult to solve it. Activity #2 >> THE TOWER OF HANOI << * Objective is to move the stack to the third rod! RULES:
only one block can be moved at a time
a larger block cannot be placed on a smaller block T T T T T Theory of Language &
Cognitive Development... Cognitive Development: the personalising of ideas which are experienced through interactions with the sociocultural world
Language Development: assists in a child's ability to understand and make sense of the world around them 1st question Finished! 2nd question But wait! Last
question Quiz Time! Children’s independent interaction with environment -> cognitive development
Children have different and distinct thinking processes from adults
They are active learners and can learn through play
Adults should follow the interest of the children and develop their characteristics What does ZPD
stand for?? There's more... Cognitive & Language:
What did Vygotsky believe was the relationship between the two? Piaget vs. Vygotsky:
If Piaget believed that letting children work things out on their own was more beneficial to their cognitive development, what did Vygotsky believe? Thank you for your attention! =D Development occurs in 4 stages:
concrete operational
formal operational Development stages of play:
practice play
symbolic play
games with rules Development of language moved from social to individual
Children can handle things only with the help of the more skilled
Adults have important, active and teaching roles However! They also shared some similarities... that children are active learners
that all children go through the same stages of development, just at different rates
in developing the individual characters & natures of children
in encouraging children to discover for themselves through play 1896 1934 1926 - 1930 Born on 5th November at Orsha, Russia 1913 1924 Graduated from secondary school Entered Moscow University and Shaniavsky University and studied law, philosophy and social sciences YAY! Married Roza Smthhova
"da da da daaaa!!!" Gave a presentation on
methodology psychological studies Offered a position in Moscow Institute of Psychology Interest in development of
language & speech in relation to thought Died from turberculosis Published a book called "Thought & Language" Vygotsky & Early Childhood His entry into EC! How he influenced
EC in his time... How he influences EC today... Vygotsky's father was a well-educated man and
provided his son with the best possible education
By the age of 18 he was well educated in history,
philosophy, art & literature
His real interest was in humanities and social sciences
At the Institute of Psychology, the focus of his research was natural psychological functions of logical memory, selective attention, decision making and learning & comprehension of language In the early 1930s the Communist party took control over
all aspects of intellectual life - lead to a suppression of independent thinking
Because of this, Vygotsky's research programme went downhill
The works of his research were banned until a while after his death Strategies that allow a child to form a synthesised relationship between environment of home and ccc
How carers should intervene in play and how they can effectively improve the skills of a child
the appropriate time in which they should intervene with the play of a child
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