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Gender Differences in Body Language

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Jake Johnson

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Gender Differences in Body Language

Gender Differences in Body Language
By Jake Johnson and Aaron Griebler
You can determine a lot about a male or female by the way he or she positions different parts of their body.
Hips - A male usually puts his hands on his hips with his fingers pointed to his crotch. This action typically can represent defiance.
Nose - When under stress or disgusted a boy might
touch their nose repeatedly.
Hips - A woman may put there hands on their hips with their fingers faced towards there butt. Like a male, it shows defiance.
Nose- Like a male, a female might may touch their nose when under stress or filled with disgust. However, females also wrinkle their nose's, which most men can't do.
Lips - Both genders bite their lips under stress.
They also lick their lips because of attraction. It is
more observable in females.
Hair - Twirling of the hair is mostly used as a comforting action and can become a habit when under stressful conditions.
Head - Men don't tilt their head's or don't do that long when listening to others. Ex: Two man at a restaurant will sit across from each other.
Head- Woman usually tilt their heads when listening and they do it a lot longer then men. Ex: Two woman at a restaurant will sit next to each other.
Hair - Females may also twirl or play with their hair when under stress, but it may also signify interest or desire. It is typically down when they are talking to someone they are attracted to.
Eyes - Both blink when they are curious or interested in a conversation
Legs - When sitting men usually sit with legs wide apart. It might signal there availability, dominance, and even comfortable. Also resting a feet over the thigh of the other.
Legs - Woman usually sit with a leg over leg position. Mostly because of habit and comfort. Also used when they are cold.
Men tend to appear relaxed when they lie.
Put hands in pockets
Behaviors that are not normal
Poor eye contact
Woman tend to look like they are busy when they lie.
Cover throat
Behaviors that are not normal
Poor eye contact
Sensitivity and Detection
Females are better at interpreting body language better than men. Research has shown they have an innate ability that allows them to do this. This is especially shown during times when a mom is raising there new born child. Where they almost completely rely on body language.
Both genders have a some what different walking style. Obvious movements are woman swing there hips more and males swing there arms more. However, each gender doesn't have trouble mimicking the other genders way of walking. So this is a learned movement rather biologically conditioned. One thing that is common in both genders is seeing a bounce in there step when they are excited.
In general, it is found that woman do smile more than men. However, the difference really isn't that great. Woman tend to smile more when times are tense. They do this to diffuse the tension. They also smile to sooth hurt feeling. An idea that was proposed for why men don't smile as much is because of past generation who needed to intimidate their rivals for resources.
Flirting Body Language
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Flirting is one of the most common interactions
between men and women. The problem is, men and women flirt in different ways. We flirt using 55 percent body language, which can make it difficult for the opposite genders to understand each other's intentions.
Flirting For Women
Women usually use an alluring look or glance to get the man's attention.
Playing with their hair is also another way to flirt. Crossing and uncrossing the legs, dangling shoes in a seat, or just smiling also works
Flirting for Men
"Men are hunters and love the thrill of the chase. That's why bars and other hang-outs filled with members of the opposite sex ready to mingle are like playgrounds to them." -Perry 3
Flirting for Men Cont.
Men will raise their eyebrow, "accidentally" bump into her, and move closer to the conversation. Men will generally try to make physical contact in a way that is not creepy, like brushing the other person.
" Words don't need to be spoken when a
woman has identified the object of her
affection. She just uses what she has to
get what -- or who -- she wants."
-Perry 2
Flirting for Women cont.
What is Body Language?
Body language is: movements or positions of the body that express a person's thoughts or feelings
In Conclusion...
Men and Women are different in many ways, from flirting to emotional states, with body language being no exception.
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