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Religion and Faith in "Life of Pi"

I traced the development of the theme religion that was presented throughout "Life of Pi."

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Religion and Faith in "Life of Pi"

Religion in "Life of Pi"
Religion is a strong theme in "Life of Pi." It is presented throughout the novel and you can see how Pi's religious and spiritual attributes grow throughout the story.
The story begins in a detailed accounting of Pi's childhood. Religion is an important element to Pi and his family, who are devoted Hindu's.
As the accounting of Pi's upbringing continues, Pi's religious curiosity peaks and he starts to explore other religions.
Pi has taken an interest and understanding towards Christianity and Islam and begins to practice all three religions simultaneously.
Pi faces criticism from his family and three religious leaders who are in protest to Pi's conversion of the three religions.
In their protests, each of the three religious leaders assure Pi that thier religion is the "right one" and is the only one that gives the "whole and exclusive truth."
In response to the objectives, Pi focuses on different stories of each faith and their connections to God and, in conclusion, believes that faith and beleif is more important than "the whole and exclusive truth"
When Pi is lost at sea, his faith is put up to the test as he struggless to come to terms with his sitiation and adapting and the changes and challanges he has to face.
"I have a story that will make you beleive in God."

" And so it goes with God."
Pi's faith is tested when Orange Juice dies. Pi compares her body to that of Christ's on the cross and feels like that event was a mockery of his faith.
Keeping busy, as Pi mentions, is key to his survival. He maintains connected to his religions while praying almost daily.
After a harrowing lightning storm, Pi refers to it "as a miricle.
Despite his struggles and hardships while stranded at sea, Pi remains appreciative, gracious and confident with his relationship with God.
Once the boat reaches the Mexican Coast and Pi gives his two different stories to the Japaneese offical investigating the sinking of the boat, he aks them which story they perfer. After the Japaneese men choose the story with the animals, Pi comments, "so it goes with God."
In regards to this comment, Pi chooses to have a religious world view, and thus, himself, chooses the story he personally perfers, which is the one with God.
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