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Jaslynn Chan

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Dhurkheim

Done By:
Annlyn Lim
Chin Run Tian
Jaslynn Chan
Stephanie Cheong
Tan Fei Ying

Learning Objectives
Entertainment Industry
TWO different categories:
Movies and celebrities

Underground music bands
Concepts Illustrated
Social Solidarity
Social Facts
It is the image of society as a whole composed of many parts that work together.
In the entertainment industry:
To produce a movie, we need many people to fulfill different parts for it to come together
Social Solidarity
Mechanical ("Primitive")

Organic ("Advanced")
Mutually dependent
Greater individuality & freedom
"Using an organic view, society is seen as structure – an integrated ‘whole’ made up of ‘parts’. Parts perform specific but integrated and interdependent functions that contribute to the survival need of the whole."
Entertainment Industry
To produce a movie, many different people are needed
Music, Video, Camera director
Actors/Stunt Actors
Make-up Artiste, Fashion coordinator
Audiences (Even audiences are important, they shape the way movies are made)
Organic View of Solidarity
Boundaries are created by membership.

Membership implies that there are non-members.
For e.g:
There are rules that governs the membership in society.
Similarly, there are factors defining what is popular culture and what is not.
Subcultures and mainstream cultures are interdependent

They reinforce each other, without mainstream, underground won't exist

Social Facts
Based on Durkheim's theory of social facts, he believes that even though the society is made up of individuals, there are other factors such as social facts that influence the way of how society works .
Social facts refers to facts, concepts, expectations that do not come from individual responses and preferences, but comes from the social community which socializes each of its members.
E.g : morals, values, customs

External to the individual and constraints individual actions, behaviors in which we cannot change or control
For example
In the entertainment industry, producers often rely on past successes and genres which limits one’s creativity
Reality TV
Even though the reality shows are external to individuals, they are bound by rules of the reality show genre
Follow according to the script given
Individual behaviour and languages are restricted
Example: In certain reality tv shows, they are not allowed to say vulgarities and even if any of them said, it would be censored before the program airs.
Bruce Lee
Heath Ledger
Cory Monteith
Robin Williams
Jang Ja Yeon
Curt Cobain
Le Suicide (1896) by Durkheim
4 Types of Suicide
Egoistic Suicide
In the entertainment industry, celebrities suicides are usually egoistic.

Celebrities and musicians lead out-of-control lives that lack integration into social groups (Puffer, 2009)
Pressures and anxiety caused by high expectations of people
Excessive individualisation doesn’t fit in a collective society

According to Durkheim,
Suicide generally has to do with social values or rules and the individual

Celebrities suicides might cause a Werther effect (copycat suicides)
Video: Werther Effect
The process of inheriting norms and customs by individuals so that they are able to possess the necessary skills and habits to participate within his or her own society.
Durkheim believes that Society gives us moral discipline that guides our behaviour and controls our desires.

He felt that that more freedom we obtained; the less moral guidance we would have within the society and that this would destroy us as human beings.
A 2006 poll by MSNBC said that 60% of Americans agree that "Hollywood's values are not in line with the rest of America and that the quality of movies has diminished in recent years."
The lack of morals and difference of values in Hollywood culture has been destroying the fabric of American culture, particularly the family.

For example, the movie Mean Girls.
Even though the entertainment is painted to have extreme negative effects, ironically there are still productions that encourage values of socialization which not necessary adhere to the society’s customs of being “good” .

However, these values are encouraged because it teaches one for example to:
Be brave
To love oneself despite flaws .
“Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore”

“And the fears that once controlled me
Can't get to me at all”

“It's time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
I'm free!”

“Let it go, let it go
You'll never see me cry”
Who is the “higher order” in the production of reality tv shows?
Make-up Artist
Music director
Which of the following is not a principles of social solidarity?
There are moral boundaries to differentiate members and non-members

Non-members conform to the norms, values and laws of a society.

Non-members are ‘outside’ society

There are boundaries in society


Discussion Questions
Do you think Durkheim believed that social facts can only be applied in the area of sociology?

Durkheim argues that social facts are independent of their manifestations in individual consciousness and action. Could a social fact exist without any people?

What do you think can be done to reduce the number of egoistic suicides?

Identify Durkheim’s theory in the entertainment industry

Understand and apply Durkheim’s concepts in the entertainment industry
Which Glee actor committed suicide?
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