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QA Process

QA Process

Carl Arndt

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of QA Process

The path to quality products
QA Process
Test Planning
Test Execution
- All Exit Criteria met
- QA Communicates QA Certification to team

Engaging QA
QA Certification
I need something tested!
Request Testing
Who Creates the Request?
Test Request
The QA What, Where, When, and How of the project
How do I create the Request?
Ways to request testing
- Create a Test Request in Jira
- QA Kick-off meeting
- Email me
- Call me
- Project Manager (99% of the time)
- Development Manager (1%)
- Leave me a very detailed post-it note
Quote Verification
Verify scope is correct
Verify that hours quoted match work effort expected
Verify QA Dates
Verify Platforms / Configurations listed are complete
Verify costs add up correctly
Quotation is sent back to QA Vendor for corrections until QA approves
Defect Process
Defect Fixed
Defect Retested
Defect Closed
Defect Reopened

Defect Created
QA Setup
What's the Plan?
Test Plan
Where the Questions "What, When, Where, How" are answered
Test Plan
Test Approach
Putting the Test Plan Together
QA Objective
Ready to Test
- Test Plan Complete and Approved
- Tests are Written
- Code/app is on staging
- Project Manager Green-Light
Test Cases
- Tool Setup
- Basecamp / Jira
- QA receives relevant documentation
Business Requirements
Creative Layouts
Click Maps
- If the Project is not tested In-House, QA will request an external vendor to quote the project
- QA Vendor sends QA a quote
- QA reviews quote
- QA sends quote to Project Manager for approval
- Approval of QA Quote
Test Case Reports will be created for larger QA efforts.
The Advantages of Creating Test Cases

Creating Test Cases ensures proper test coverage of requirements
Each test case covers individual elements of the requirement or use case
Changes in requirements can be traced to test cases
During Test execution, test cases show progress of testing effort
Current learnings can be saved for future test cycles
- QA Executes Smoke Tests
- Build passes or fails Entrance Criteria
- Test cases executed
- Defects logged
- Any test cases that fail are marked as such and the corresponding defect is entered in the comments of the test case

- Test Plan is followed
- QA findings and schedule reported to stakeholders (Project Manager, Account Rep, Development)
- QA Processes are followed
Test Process
Retest Process
- Development Fixes a defect
- Ticket is assigned to QA to retest
- QA tests the defect to ensure that the issue is fixed
- QA closes the ticket
- If the defect corresponded to a failed test case, that test cases is verified that it is now a passed test.
Reporting Process
- QA produces Daily reports on progress
- Test Case Progress
- Pass / Fails, Total Executed, Blocked
- Defect Report
- Total, Defects by priority, etc
Exit Criteria
- This answers the question "Are we done testing?"
- Examples:
- All test cases run and either passed
- All Critical and up defects resolved
All Defects have a Resolution Code
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