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Weather around the world!=)

No description

graham george

on 21 February 2015

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Transcript of Weather around the world!=)

Mean temps
The mean is eleven fahrenheit for Nuuk, Greenland, and
seventy and a half degrees fahrenhiet for Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Finding the mean
I added all of the tempertures up and divided by 7 to find the mean of each group of tempertures.
If I was going on a trip to Buenos Aires, I would pack sunscreen, short sleeves, shorts, sunglasses, a visor, a fan, not so warm food, a spritzy fan, ice for water, water bottle, and sun lotion (for people who don't like spray).
If i was going to Nuuk, I would pack a coat, gloves, a hat, boots, snow pants, long sleeved clothes, hand warmers, warm food, and a sled.
The Mean
I only used math for the mean and double line graph part. I went into Google drive and created the table, which was the hardest part, and got it into Prezi. For the mean,however, I just calculated a mean, which we learned about earlier.
Weather around the world!=)
Temperature chart: Buenos Aires, Argentina
and Nuuk,
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