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Career Lifeline Presentation

No description

Bryan Diaz

on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of Career Lifeline Presentation

Career Lifeline Presentation by: Bryan Diaz Parents Careers
Mom: Medical Assistant
Dad: Military When I was young I... I dreamed of being a chemist BUT... I'm terrible at math which lead me to journalism because I've alway been a good writer No internships because I've been working since I turned 18. I did get on the Dean's list once! Values Integrity
and honsety Family has helped me plan my life till now. What a help they've been :)! After I graduate, I'm moving in with 3 close friends and from there
decide on the future. Grad school? Work? Dunno yet. We'll see. My plans sure have changed since I started. I hated my job at Publix but now I see it as an opportunity. I even strongly considered the military but I just couldn't leave my girlfriend for so long. Pros I finally get to relax
I get to save money and plan my next move Cons Not making jack! Might not be doing something with my major Journalism is dying. Do you read a newspaper? don't say yes to make me feel better :) If I do it, it'll be at Georgia State I'm down to live and work anywhere, bring it on! If I'm going to grad school I'm going for an MBA I can't stand how far athens is from atlanta...and
the "college" experience here is getting old :/ THE END Honestly I just want to stay happy is that so bad? :D
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