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south Korea

Korea on the map


on 29 December 2014

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Transcript of south Korea

south korea
General Information
Total area : 99.392 km2
Location : in the east coast of Asia
Population : 48,875,000
Capital : Seoul
( the largest city in korea )
Currency : WON ( 1 SR = 150 WON )
Korean culture
Korean letters
Try to write your name
Korean food
Food usually is natural and healthy: that why Korea occupied
one of the first center at Fitness , health and long life
Korea before
Hanbok : the traditional Korean dress
Women Dress made up of a long skirt called "chi" and a short jacket called "Djiogore"
The men costume made up of a long jacket called "Djiogore" and pants called "Baji."
Alhancoc: a traditional Korean house
Korea Now
Korean companies and industries
Korea made ​​a lot in the last Few years so there were many companies have emerged from there ; like :
Tourism in Korea
There are many places to visit in
South Korea , like
Seoul Tower
Building 63
the capital seoul
Jeong Book Gong Castle
Lotte World
BY :
Lina & jumana

Thanks for listening :)
Han River
Jeju Island
Official Language: Korean
Is a country with an old culture,
it's has been around since 2033 BB,
the name of Korea in the past,was "Gurria",
but some Arabian traders, found that "Gurria" a bit difficult in Arabic , Changed the Korea
flag :
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