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Dance Central!!!

No description

Amanda Strait

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Dance Central!!!

Dance Central!!! all about the three games by amanda strait Dance Central the first game Dance Central came out in November 2010 and consisted of 32 songs and 9 characters. The characters were Mo, Taye, Miss Aubrey, Angel, Oblio, Dare, Maccoy, Emelia, and ELIOT. Dance Central Two the sequel Dance Central 2 was released in October 2011 as a sequel to the first game. It introduced 13 new chracters while the other 5 still from the first game. Maccoy, Dare, Oblio, and ELIOT were not implemented into DC2. It consists of 44 songs and 18 characters. The 18 characters are Bodie, Emelia, Angel, Miss Aubrey, Taye, Li'l T, Mo, Glitch, Kerith, Jaryn, CYPH-56, CYPH-78, Dr. Tan, CYPH-ELITE, Marcos, Frenchy, Kichi, and Shinju. This game also introduced 9 crews, which are Riptide, Lu$h, Flash4ward, Hi-Def, Glitterati, D-CYPHER, D-CYPHER ELITE, Icon, and Ninja. Dance Central 3 the third game Dance Central 3 was released in October 2012 and consists of 46 songs and 22 characters. It brings back every previous character except CYPH-ELITE and ELIOT. The 22 characters are Rasa, Lima, Miss Aubrey, Angel, Mo, Glitch, Taye, Li'l T, Bodie, Emelia, Dare, Maccoy, Dr. Tan, Oblio, Kerith, Jaryn, CYPH-56, CYPH-78, Marcos, Frenchy, Kichi, and Shinju. The 11 crews are DCI, Lu$h, Hi-Def, Flash4ward, Riptide, D-Coy, M.O.C., Glitterati, D-CYPHER, Icon, and Ninja. Videos! for additional info Riptide Lu$h Flash4ward Hi-Def Glitterati
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