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How to Read Literature Like A Professor: Flights of Fancy


Jazzy Alvarez

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of How to Read Literature Like A Professor: Flights of Fancy

In literature, Flying means the one of the following:
1) freedom
3)the flight of imagination
4) Spirituality
5) Return home
6) Largeness of Spirit
7) Love 42: If you come across a character flying
in a piece of literature, what possible
explanation can there be? It means that they are relieving themselves from a place or situation of being/feeling caged and they are breaking free. 43: What does it mean when literary characters fly? No. A character can say someone may or they fly and be free as a metaphor symbolizing the showing of someone becoming free. As well as it can be represented through an animal such as a bird. 44: Does a character always have to actually fly in order for there to be "flying" in a piece of literature? Explain: Flights of Fancy When we see a person
suspended in the air,
that person is one of the
following: 1) a superhero, 2) a ski jumper,
3) crazy, 4) fictional,
5) a circus act, departing a cannon,
6) suspended on wires
7) an angel, 8) heavily symbolic But let's be realistic and get to the point... flight in literature These may not happen or become successful in
the story but the basic principle is freedom. Flying does not always mean with wings.
For example: the soul is taking flight instead of your physical body. Example: "When Hamlet dies at the end of the play, his friend Horatio mourns him, saying 'Good night, sweet prince,/ and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."' Btw, an interruped flight usually means negative but an unsuccessful flight could be negative or positive. Example: Avatar: He flies with the Avatars as a symbol of freedom from how he was before on Earth and with the sky people (the humans). Happy Landings!!! :D By: Jazzy Alvarez Another example could be that the big red bird is a symbol to the na'vi people of freedom when times get rough. Another example is the sky people, when defeated, they return home while flying back into the helicopter. And the last example is the scene where the two main characters starting falling in love while flying. And many more....
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