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Child Soldier

No description

Thuy-Tien Nguyen

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Child Soldier

What is a Child Soldier?
What does a child soldier do?
How many child soldiers are worldwide?
It is estimated up to 300,000 child soldiers around the world.
Around 40% of all child soldiers are female.

A child soldier: any person under the age of 18 who is a member of or attached to government
armed forces or any other regular or irregular armed force or armed political group
Estimated 300,000
child soldiers in the world today.
By : Feruz, Thuy-Tien & Adair.
Child Soldiers
Why Does Child Soldiers Matter?
Human Rights Violations:
The issue of child soldiers is important because not only are they force to fight in wars but it leaves them drugged and traumatized, homes and families are being destroyed and many innocent lives are being killed .
Article 3: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
Evidence of Rights Violations:
Article 4: No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.
Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.
-"Children under 15 years of age are known to be serving in government or opposition forces in at least 25 conflict zones".
-"They are not given suitable health care if they are injured".
-"Many child soldiers have been physically or sexually abused by the very forces for which they have been fighting".
Uganda: Child Soldiers
South Sudan: child soldiers
Colombia: Child Soldiers
Where is Uganda located
What happened to the child soldiers by psychological
Uganda: Child Soldiers
Conflict started: Rivalry
South Sudan’s president accused his vice president of an attempted coup.
Fighting between the two factions of government forces loyal to each soon moved to Bor, and then to Bentiu.

When did they start to become
child soldiers

How many child soldiers are there in Uganda

South Sudan's President Salva *
About South Sudan
Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, the ruling political party .

-affects adults but this is impressionable on children and can be worse.
-It can affect their ability to forge healthy relationships with adults or with their peers.

-Some turn to alcohol or drug misuse as a coping mechanism – this behavior is particularly common.
ROOT CAUSE of Child Soldiers:
*Geographically Child Soldiers are worldwide
Conflict Grew Worse!?
2 YEARS LATER; December 2013, political infighting erupted into violence in the streets of the capital, Juba, (South Sudan) After that there has been many child soldiers.
Or be killed.
Sudan's Vice President: Riek Marcher
How many child soldiers are in Colombia?
There's an estimated of 12,000 of child soldiers in Colombia.
Is the government related to child soldiers?
The government is related to child soldiers because
(Gov. forces are actively recruiting children).
"I covered his eyes first with a dirty rag," she recalls. "I used a wooden club to do the job. "It only took a minute."
- Grace Achara 16 year old girl.
kids when joining a rebel group: example
- Women/girl Child Soldiers: Carry ammunition & raped by other members of militias.
- Many child soldiers were addicted to many kinds of drugs.
-Children brainwash by captors.
-Children witness family&friends killed and rape other men and women.
Brown brown
-The# of Children under age 18 : have been coerced or induced to take arm as child soldiers, is generally in range of 300,000.
- Most child soldiers are under 15: found in non-gov. military organizations.
- Youngest are about 7 years old.
-Gain independence in July 2011
- The independence is now divided, lost and fighting for power.
Causes: Political
Effects: Political
Causes: Economic
Effects: Economic
Causes: Social
Effects: Social
-Lack of knowledge
-Lack of money
-Lack of education
-Spread of the idea: Child Soldiers

Known risk factors: poverty, less or no access to education, living in a war-torn region, displacement, and separation from one’s family, with orphans and refugees being particularly vulnerable (Beth, 2001).
Recruitment risk factors: Child Soldiers
Cause: Culture
Effect: Culture
Causes; Geographical
Effect: Geographical
-political instability
-Increasing of violence
localized and have ethnic,
civil and they fought by religion most of the time Christian & muslim
-Worldwide global issue: Asia, Europe and AFRICA.
- mainly in AFRICA : impacts; multiple villages, towns
- child soldiers continue to develop this becomes a major political problem towards governments as they lose lots in economic.
Child soldiers can suffer from PTSD(Post traumatic stress disorder) because they experince injuries,destruction and shootings.

Child soldiers also suffer from:
Psychological effects: Child Soldiers
-international issues.
-poverty areas
-lack resources= no protection
Forced recruitment:
- abducted & beaten into submission, groups also coerce
(long time method); archetype child soldiering.
Has 16,000 Child soldiers*
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