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Geography/Hour: 6

Grace Kenney

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of 5 THEMES OF GEGRAPHY: New England

GRACE KENNEY The New England region is in the upper part of the United States, at the way top corner. LOCATION States that are in the New England region:
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Road Island, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. STATES: ARCHITECTURAL STYLES: CAPITALS MAINE: Augusta
NH: Concord VERMONT: Montpelier NY: Albany PENNSYLVANIA: Harrisburg CT: Hartford NEW JERSEY: Trenton MASS: Boston RI: Providence PLACES: *GEORGIAN *FEDERAL (Adam) GREEK REVIVAL *GOTHIC REVIVAL *ITALIANAET *SECOND EMPIRE *STICK *FIRST PERIOD *QUEEN ANNE *SHINGLE *COLONIAL REVIVAL CLIMATE: AUTUMN: Is New England's "glory" season because of color. The temperature is mild, not too cold, and not too warm. New England has distinct seasons "INDIAN SUMMER": This is a mini season that occurs after the first frost in October. it usually happens late October to early November. It becomes unseasonably warm for a short period and then becomes warm again. WINTER: Winters are bitter cold. Freezing temperatures arrive in Northern New England in November, and mid-December for southern region. SPRING: Is the briefest season. The muddiest season and mild temperatures.
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