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Oedipus The King w/background music

No description

Dana McKee

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Oedipus The King w/background music

Oedipus The King
Major Conflicts
The play begins with the citizens of Thesbes begging their new King Oedipus to do something about the situation in the city. To which Oedipus responds I have already done so. (I care!)
Creon was sent to Delphi by Oedipus to consult Apollo he returns to say the the pestilence can be resolved by finding the murder of Laius and exiling him from the city.
Tiresias is called upon due to his ability to "see", he refuses to tell Oedipus who the true murderer is until he is so enraged by Oedipus' temper that he spews it out the truth to Oedipus' disbelief. The prophecy ~ You will kill your dad and have babies with your momma.
Laius, the guy everyone is in arms over his death,the original king, was supposedly killed by a band of thieves and Oedipus traveled alone when he came from Delphi, now he did kill 3 guys one day ~ but they deserved it. They call for this shephard who was the only one to survive to clarify who really killed Laius.

Jocasta hears the men arguing and comes out to break it up. She realizes what they are fighting about and tries to calm Oedipus down by telling him her story of how she thwarted a prophecy once.
Oedipus blinds himself like he was metaphorically blinded by the truth of fulfilling the prophecy
Important Settings

The place where 3 roads meet is where he meets his father and kills him
Delphi, home of Apollo
Born in 496 BC to wealthy parents
Sophillus, his father, was a weapon maker
Highly educated
Initially distinguished himself in music
Use of 2nd acttor & trilogy
Apart of the Golden Age
Died in 406 BC at the age of 90

Character Attributes
Oedipus “ Swollen foot”. Protagonist, King by birth, tyrant by defeating the sphinx, Intelligent, Stubbornly blind to himself, swift-action, speaks freely, impulsive, and persistent for the truth
Creon ~ : Antagonist, fair, diplomatic, uncle and brother in law, patient, represents power of real law, he has a need for an orderly and stable society, politician, and manipulative.
Jocasta: Queen, wife, mother, widow, mediator, confident but weak, skeptical about the prophets
Tiresias: The blind prophet who is all knowing. Although argumentative and hesitant, he brings the truth to Oedipus.
Chorus: Tells the audience what is going on throughout the play, fickle, perceptive, Melodramatic, interpretative, and comical with reaction.
Laius: The king, husband to Jocasta, father of Oedipus, disobeyed the prophecy and had a child anyways.
Overview of the Time Period
Major events and philosophies of that era.
Joseph Campbell's Monomyth
Work Cited
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Work Cited
Birth: Oedipus is challenged about his birth, which leads him into darkness, illusion, and deception. After accepting the truth of his past to the present he confronts himself from within. This leaves Oedipus with neither victory nor defeat, only leaves him with self-understanding and endurance.
Call to Adventure: Hears from the drunk that he is not Polybus’ true son and he goes in search of information and, asking his parents and believing them when they tell him he is their natural son but still intrigued goes to the God Apollo in search of some answers.
Helpers/Amulet: Apollo tells Oedipus that he has a future of great pain and disaster, will kill his father and couple with his mother.
Crossing the Threshold: Instead of returning home and tempting fate that he should kill his father, who Oedipus assumes is Polybus, he decides to abandon his home and country and never return. He continues his journey where he meets his first challenge.
Tests: An older regal figure who stands in his way, blocking the road. Who he ends up defeating and killing. The unfortunate thing is he at this point fulfills the first prophecy that stated he would kill his father.
Helpers: The only survivor of the slaying of Laius returns to Thebes and announces to the queen that a pack of thieves robbed them and slayed everyone but him. The Sphinx is also a helper because she is causing havoc on the town which causes the men of Thebes to not search for the true murderer of Laius
Climax/Final Battle: Oedipus continues on his way to Thebes after slaying his father and two of his men at the three way crossroad. When he reaches Thebes he encounters the Sphinx and is the only man able to answer the riddle “riddle here”.
Flight: After correctly answer the riddle he is given power of the kingdom, a bride and to live happily ever after.
Return: The play opens with the citizens begging for him to do something and the death and poverty that has stricken Thebes. Where he is told he is to find the murderer of Lauis in order for the city to be revived.
Elixer: After conversations with everyone (shepherd, herdsman, messenger and Jocasta) he realizes that he did indeed fulfill the prophecy of killing his father, the one he was trying to avoid.
Home: after realizing that he married and had children with his mother and that Jocasta had killed herself, he gouged his eyes out and asks Creon to rule Thebes and to take care of his children
Only a year or so previous to the opening of Oedipus the King, Athens had experienced a deadly plague that had devastated the town.
satyr-oldest sort of plays
Comedies- involved sarcasm
Tragedies-victims suffers painful break down
Religious Myth: have the same kind of believe about afterlife- either peace or damnation.
Myths From their gods, heroes(exemplify a virtue)
Decentralized Affair of their religion
Illaid and Oddysey: closest to the bible but not regarded divine
gods can maim,punish, reward ,turn them in to animals
Greece 430BC: city of Thebes

Oedipus accuses Creon of putting Tiresias up to the story so Creon can take over the kingdom. Oedipus is set on finding the killer and helping his city recover from the devastation it currently rests in.Oedipus never touched his father Polybus!!
Oedipus had heard this prophecy once while he was living in Corinth with his family that said he would kill his dad and sleep with his mom, so in order to avoid the awful thought, he moved out of town to somewhere new. He travels along a road and ends up answering the Spinx' question and is rewarded with a kingdom. (Thebes)
Oddly enough, it's the same story, she realizes he's her son and takes her own life. Oedipus realizes what he's done and ...
The Palace
~ In the front where both Lauis & Oedipus rule the citizens of Thebes
~ In the Bedroom where Oedipus was conceived, bed his mother and his mother later hung herself in.
The prophecy:Oedipus,the son of Laius who is the king of
Thebes,will kill his father and marry his mother.

Resolutions: Laius and Jocasta are terrified by the prophecy, and they arranges a shepherd to leave the baby Oedipus in the mountain to die. The king of Corinth adopts the baby as his son.

The conflicts between Oedipus and his own characters:

conflict with Tiresias: Tiresias refuses to reveal the truth of the murder of Laius to Oedipus and all Theban.Oedipus insults and accuses Tiresias for his blindness.

Resolutions: Tiresias tells the truth that Oedipus is the murder of Laius, and Oedipus doesn't believe Tiresias and extremely reject the truth.

The conflicts between Oedipus and his fate.

Jocasta, Oedipus' mother and wife, hangs herself.
Oedipus blinds himself by digging his eyes out and
permanently exile himself from Thebes.
Creon is declared as the new king of Thebes and the guardian
of Oedipus and Jocasta daughters.

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