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Master Thesis Defense Presentation

Master Thesis Defense

Joseph Kodath

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Master Thesis Defense Presentation

Analysis of Key Guest Retention Attributes in the Ayurvedic Health Tourism Industry
Perceived Factors of Importance in Deciding an Ayurveda Treatment
Results of the Study

Official classification of Ayurveda centres.
Experienced Ayurveda medical personnel
Accuracy of diagnosis procedures and reliability of Ayurveda treatment methods
Geographic location preference of foreign arrivals for Ayurvedic treatments
Patient knowledge about Ayurveda

Analysis of the Hypothesis
Introduction and Purpose of the Study
Master Thesis Defense - Joseph Kodath 1213006
’Does a high level of satisfaction mean that customers will be loyal when faced with new choices in the market place that also promise the same or superior levels of service and satisfaction?’ Lowenstien (1995)
H1: Ayurveda Centre Personal and Quality of Treatments are important attributes in influencing a guest's overall experience at an Ayurvedic resort.

'Between 65% and 85% of customers who do not return say that they had a satisfied or very satisfied experience.' Fay (1995)
H2: Guests have a higher tendency to repeat their holiday at a resort, if the resort offers good quality Ayurveda treatment.

'The level of tolerance is heavily reliant on the segment being targeted and a key analysis of the expectation of the service.' Auh and Johnson (2005)
H3: Guests have a higher tendency to repeat their Ayurveda holiday at a resort if they have a good overall impression about the destination, specifically Kerala.

Thank You For Your Attention

To understand the key factors that influence a guest decision in making an Ayurveda Holiday in Kerala, India.

The study also aims to see if having strong Ayurvedic attributes such as Ayurveda Doctor, Ayurveda Therapist and Ayurveda Center are convincing enough for the guests to make repeat trips to the same destination yearly.

Do the guests have a higher tendency to repeat their Ayurveda holiday at a resort if they have a good overall impression about the destination, specifically Kerala?
Methodology of the Study
Data Collected from 2 Ayurvedic Beach Resorts in Kerala

Questionnaires were presented to the guests between May 2014 and June 2014.

Additional Information was also available through the Property Management Software.

Additional Guest Information Included

Guest Name & Nationality
Room Stay Category
Ayurveda Package [Y/N]
Arrival Date-Departure Date
Travel Agent/Direct Booking

Age - 60% of the respondents 45 years +

Gender- 71% Female , 24% -Male

Nationality - Germany 35%, Switzerland 18% and Russia 12%.

Demographics of the Study
Important Attributes that influence Ayurveda Holiday Decisions
Overall impression of Kerala as an Ayurvedic Destination - 4.2

Value for Money - 4.3

Recommendation – Friends & Colleagues - 4.0

Recommendation –Travel Agent - 3.5

Recommendation –Online(Trip Advisor) - 3.4

Attribute Scores of Resort Factors Considered for an Ayurvedic Treatment
Official certification of Resort - 4.4

Experienced Ayurveda Medical personnel - 4.8

Ayurveda personnel knowledge of German or English - 4.1

Accuracy of diagnostic procedures - 4.7

Duration of daily treatment - 4.6

Geographical Preferences for an Ayurveda Treatment
67% - Prefer a Seaside Setting.
22% - No preference
2.5% - Backwater/Lake side setting
1% - Hill station setting;
8.5% - people did not mind either seaside or backwater/lake
Ayurveda Treatment Experience - Factor Analysis Results
Ayurveda Doctor Score- 4.2
Ayurveda Therapist Score- 4.5
Ayurveda Center Score - 4.3
Independent Two-Sample Test Result
When comparing mean rating, No statistically significant difference was found between
Males and Females
Age 45 + and Age 45 -
Ayurveda Experience in Kerala – Prior Expectations before Arrival
46% Ayurveda experience met their expectations before arrival
45% - Exceeded their expectations
5% - No expectations prior to arrival
1% - person said their experience was below expectations
Competitor Analysis - Kerala the Ideal Destination for Ayurveda?
75% - Agreed with the statement
24% - No Opinion
Only two people provided a preferred location outside of Kerala – One stated “Mountain” and other preferred Sri Lanka.
Results Related to Customer Retention Attributes of Ayurveda

36 respondents experienced Ayurveda between 2012 and 2014.
16 respondents had never experienced Ayurveda prior to this.
10 respondents had experienced it once
2 respondents had experienced it as many as 6 times before.

Correlating the number of prior experiences and the year relative to 2014 that they went for their first Ayurveda treatment.
0.63 - Moderate Correlation.
The longer back respondents started doing Ayurveda, the more often they have gone.

Indicates that the trend is to do Ayurveda once in a year or so and not multiple times in a year.

Guest Intention to Revisit
Likelihood of repeating an Ayurveda Holiday
74% - Likely to go for another Ayurveda holiday within the next 3 years
24% - Undecided
Likelihood of repeating a visit to Kerala
77% - Likely to go to Kerala again within the next three years
19% Undecided.
1% Unlikely he/she will travel back to Kerala.

High relevance of recommendations from friends and family. This key attribute outweighed recommendations from the travel agent as well as online recommendation sources such Trip Advisor and Holiday Check.

Certain Factors not related to the Ayurveda experienced by the guests influence their decision to NOT repeat their Ayurveda holidays

The importance of the Ayurveda Massage Personnel was a high satisfaction factor. A high rating for the massage personnel indicted a greater satisfaction rate towards the doctor as well as the Ayurveda Center.

Among the respondents who had undertaken Ayurveda before elsewhere or at the resort, the satisfaction levels scored high similarly to the first timers.

After testing the proposed hypotheses from this study, we could observe that they were not found to be statistically significant. All respondents regardless of overall satisfaction and intention to revisit had given a high rating for the Ayurveda experienced
The local infrastructure and cleanliness of frequently visited tourist areas
must be improved further.

Ayurvedic Resorts in beach locations in Kerala has a higher chance of success.

Investor maybe faced with a number of difficulties primarily due to local regulations, red tape and communalism.

Ayurveda as a viable employment opportunity and fostering talent.

A Therapist with knowledge of English/German has a significantly higher odds of being highly rated compared to a therapist without a knowledge of English/German (p value = 0.0412)

An Ayurveda Doctor who performs accurate diagnostic procedures has a moderately higher odds of being highly rated (p value= 0.086).

Overall impression of Kerala (p value=0.0137) and recommendation from travel agent (p value = 0.0238) appears to significantly affect the odds of an Ayurveda doctor being highly rated.

An Ayurveda doctor working with an Ayurveda therapist who is highly rated has a moderately higher odds of being highly rated (p value = 0.0556)

An Ayurveda centre has a significantly higher odds of being rated highly, if a highly rated Ayurveda therapist (p value = < 0.01) or doctor
(p value = < 0.01) works there.
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