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Digital Materials for 6th Grade

No description

ebru grsy

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Digital Materials for 6th Grade

Digital Materials for 6th Grade
Aim: to teach or to remind games & sports types

Aim: to teach students some words about games in details.

Aim:Listening & writing
Instruction: Listen to Jack.He will tell you about himself. Take notes while you are listening and then answer these questions: What does Jack study at university?
Which sports does Jack like?
Which sports do you like mostly?
Aim: to teach pronunciation
Instruction: We have learnt indoor games,havent we ? lets listen and learn how to pronounce them correctly
Aim: to remind indoor games
Instruction: Let's remember what are the indoor games?
Aim: to teach games & sports
Instruction: I have got a map for you.In this map there are some games & sports' types.Let's look at it and learn them together.
Aim: Speaking
Instruction:look at this cartoon.Which sports does John like? John asks a question to us lets talk about this question.Which sports do you like and why ?
Aim: to remind games
Instruction:look at the picture and decide whether they are indoor games or outdoor games.
Aim: Speaking
Instruction: I have got a short animation for you.lets watch it together.
(Eva is bored and ask for Edgar to do something for fun and Edgar provides some options to Eva such as dancing,singing,playing quitar but Eva wants to go out and play there.Edgar asks to Eva which game we will play?)
Think about the games that are played in outdoor and help Eva and Edgar to decide which games they can play ?
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