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Music/Sound Production - Ideate

Design Thinking Action Lab - Stanford University

Katia Martins Pereira

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Music/Sound Production - Ideate

A young Music/Sound Producer, who has just started to work, needs to become more experienced and promote his work.
Enroll a well known course to make connections

Create new projects
Do online courses at good schools and universities
Learn various musical instruments
Learn all the facets of music
Join a forum about music production
Analyze great productions
Enroll a professional organization
Work with all possible technology resources
Go to live performances
Produce bands and musicians for free
Work as a free lancer in as many professional projects as you can
Find a mentor or two
Collaborate with other music producers
Consider working in the movies, TV shows, music videos, ads, video games
Check out interviews with famous producers
Still learning...
Always learning...
Visit studios which work with the style of music you want to produce
Learn how to think like the producers who make a living do
Listen to your projects from a consumer's perspective
Develop your social skills
Make new connections in the place you work
Go to places where music is performed to know musicians - Talk to them
Talk when you have something important to say
Be a member of a hobby club
Teach someone who wants to know what you know
Have a Facebook page
Create a BLOG
Make a sound cloud account
Promote it !
Have a YouTube page
Use linkedin.com to write about your work
Have your website
Promote more...
Position yourself as a "go-to" person for a particular skill
Get in contact with music magazines and blogs to show your work
Build a subscription list for a weekly newsletter
Make lectures
Write an article about the subject
Follow your passion
Build the most update studio
Have it promoted everywhere
Become invisible and watch how the best producers work
Hire great orchestras or musicians to record your production
Imagine yourself holding up a Grammy
The most practical :
Position yourself as a "go-to" person for a particular skill
The most disruptive :
Create a community project
My favorite:
Hire great orchestras and musicians to record with your production
Thank you for watching!
Kátia Martins Pereira
Design Thinking Action Lab
Stanford University
Not only is this the most practical idea, but it also leads to many other ideas. If you have a specific ability, you can ‘write an article about it’, ‘have it published in a magazine, a blog or a newsletter’ and/or ‘be invited to lecture’. This way, you get a bigger network which leads you to the promotion you want. It may require a lot of work however, most of the times you are better at what you like to do.
Changing the world can be difficult work. Believe in yourself and in your passion and you may change the life of the people of your community. By creating this project you would not only be helping people, learning and promoting your work, but you would be making this a better world.
Go to music seminars
Consider working abroad
Join contests
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