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Andrew Jackson

No description

Hershey's Chocolate Bar

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson
Extinction of National Debt

Historiography of Andrew Jackson
Back Story
- Founder of the Democratic Party- present today

- Democratic Party according to Jackson:
- A party of the common people
- Denies special treatment of elite
- Promise of territory and expanse in the West to the common people (white people)

The American Hero
War of 1812
Indian Removal Act of 1830

Lasting Influence
Evolution / Development
Democratic Party
- No longer Second Bank
- "Bank War"
- Federal funds to "pet banks"
-1835 National debt paid
- Van Buren and Jackson believed in "man of the people"

- Spoils System
by: Hannah Rajasekaran, Allison Taylor & Leila Teymourtash
Election of 1828
Jacksonian Era 1824- 1845

- Joined the Continental Army at 13


Before Presidency
- Lawyer in Tennessee in late 1780s
- 1796, elected as Tennessee's first US Representative

Election of 1832
Early Life
- Born March 15, 1767 during era of American Revolution
- Mother died from cholera and brothers died in Revolution - raised by uncles
- Married Rachel Donelson Robards before her divorce was final
- Forced Indians to move from their land to Western reservations
- Ignored Supreme Court ruling in Worcester v. Georgia (1832)
-No removal by force
-1838-39, 15,000 Cherokees to Oklahoma

- Gave offices to his political supporters
- Kitchen Cabinet
- Whigs were against Jackson
Hard Currency
- Jackson vs. Clay
- First use of National Party Conventions
- Focused on Bank of the United States
-Jackson was against the national bank

Jackson dies in 1845
- Fought in the War of 1812
- January 8, 1815, defeated the British in New Orleans
- Overthrew the Spanish Governor in Florida

Election of 1824

- Against John Quincy Adams (corrupt bargain)
- Jackson's Democratic was introduced
- Calhoun V.P.
- Ran against incumbent John Quincy Adams
-Popular vote in South and Southwest
Jackson's Campaign
- Focused on personalities rather than issues-
- 1st president not from Virginia or Massachusetts, he is a self-made man of the west
- People like Adams and Clay were incapable of listening to the interests of the common man
Strong Character
- A man of the people- not from a wealthy
family- self-made
- Military hero- Battle of New Orleans 1815
- Pushed westward expansion
- Maltreatment of Natives
- Short-tempered
- At times irrational
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