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The Cooks Wedding By: Anton Chekov

No description

Heather Harrell

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of The Cooks Wedding By: Anton Chekov

Grisha (the little girl), Aksintya Stepanovna (the old nurse), Danilo Semyonitch, the Cabman, Pelageya (the cook), and Mamma Setting
In the kitchen where something extraordinary and never seen before was taking place.
Grisha is ease dropping. The cabman comes in for some tea. She hears the adults talking. The Cabman acts like he loves pelageya. Pelageya's mom wants her to get married to the cabman. The mamma arranges a marriage. She gets married. After she gets married she realizes the cabman is mean and just married her for her money. She is very unhappy.

People are not always what they seem summary
Perlageya was arranged to be married to a cabman who she thought liked her but who really just wanted her for her money. Conflict
Pelageya doesn't want to get married but is forced to. Unusual Vocaulary word
urchin- a mischievous boy, gingham dress-yarn-dyed dress, Mein-air
Her mamma kept asking her if she liked the cabman or if she wanted to get married.
Pelageya is being told that she needs to marry the cabman. The Cooks Wedding
Anton Chekov irony
The cabman looked at pelageya making her think that he liked her but he just wanted her money.
"we can even make some one else happy--(here the driver cast a look in Pelagia's direction)--if they want us to!"
point of view
first person Created By: Heather Harrell
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