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Culture Jamming

Culture Jamming is a resistance to a dominant hegemonic force -- Shephard Fairey

Corey Righter

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Culture Jamming

Double click anywhere & add an idea Culture Jamming
Shephard Fairey Obama Hope Ad Culture Jamming is a resistance to a dominant hegemonic force
-Shepard Fairey
Jamming, can be done in many different ways
Posters, acts of resistance or protest

Blossomed in recent years
Should we take images at face value? Born in 1970
emerged from skateboarding
1st known for Andre the Giant(1989)

street artist in LA
been arrested 13 times
grafitti, posters,stickers
has art on display first in 2008 Boston ICA
Billboard Liberation Front tactic used by activists who attempt to disrupt corporate advertising Claim to have been "improving" advertisements since 1977 Political Culture Jamming- disseminating dissident interpretations of current political events, potentially
jamming the transmission of the dominant political brand message.
“Contemporary politicians have wholeheartedly embraced commercial branding
techniques, saturating the public sphere with market tested, emotional messages designed
to cultivate trust in their political “brand,” thus working against the ideal of a
democratic public sphere.”
. Role of Media in Politics- a tool to help people identify themselves within society by interpreting issues and to foster or inhibit the qualities of an active and informed society. There are many complicated issues in the world and so it is also critical that citizens have some means to stay engaged with what matters to them and what is occurring around them. Here, media can play the role of a bridge that connects individuals to greater society and create a shared ideological consensus that benefits the democracy as a whole.

Flaws in current system: Corporate influence. The corporate elite are the same people who control the largest media conglomerates that convey our news. The power wielded by media in respect to their viewers is not limited simply to the coverage and political slants sometimes assigned to it. They also determine the manner in which we consume the news, what we understand as important issues of the day, and people’s construction of the world outside of their own. When mass media only serves a small minority who hoard wealth in influence in order to protect their own interests, it becomes a tool of tyranny.

. It fails to protect the larger but less powerful working class, allowing the elite to skew messages so that they can garner more power. It also creates tight class restrictions and perpetuates the status quote through misinformation. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/255172/november-04-2009/tip-wag---rush-limbaugh---us-weekly http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-march-18-2010/conservative-libertarian
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