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Kickin' Apps

DECA Research paper

J Cole

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Kickin' Apps

To aid Kickin' Apps in proposing a strategy to market to the under-served generation Y.

Who is Generation Y?
Business Services Event
Jillian Coleman, Adriana Godwin, and Emily Lichtenstadter

Description of Business
-Kickin’ Apps is a service based organization that aids high school students in applying to colleges.
-Founded in 2004 by Christy Marrella- Davis
Description of the Community
-Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a fairly wealthy, prosperous town.
-Cherry Hill is extremely strong for a commuter town, and is widely known as the commercial center of Southern New Jersey.
Overview of the business or organization's current target market
High School seniors who are completing the college application process
Research Methods
Description and Rationale
Interview with owner Marrella and intern Alex Swartz
Survey of clients
Survey of target market
Focus group of clients
Websites on generational groups
Professor in a box
Process used to conduct research methods
Findings and conclusions of the study
Findings of the research study
Kickin' Apps is not well-known amongst the current target market.
For those who do know about the business, Kickin' Apps has a loyal customer base.
Utilize technology
Conclusions based on the findings
Kickin' Apps needs to focus its efforts on attracting clients in Generation Y.
Seasonal business-looking to expand services to year-round.
Proposed Strategic Plan
Objectives and Rationale of the proposed plan
Proposed activities and timeline
July 2015
-Hire 3 interns
-Schedule upcoming speaking events for the year
August 2015
-Create website and mobile application
-Train interns in the college application process (Kickin' Apps code of conduct)
September 2015
-Train interns in Kickin' Apps social media pages as well as website and app
-Implement specific job duties
-Begin to speak to underserved market
October 2015
-Promote business through social media outlets and web pages
-Implement specific job duties
-Continue speaking events
November 2015
-Evaluate and correct technological and promotional issues
-Implement specific job duties
-Gain feedback from audiences
December 2015/ January 2016
-Continuously update app and website to ensure efficiency
-Assess effectiveness of speaking engagements
-Meet with Marrella to discuss the season and what needs to be changed (job effectiveness)
Proposed Metrics
We plan to administer a survey during the application off-season (late January-June) to the clients of the past season to see what they liked about working with Kickin’ Apps and what changes they would make with future clients.
Costs associated with proposed strategies
Proposed Budget
$30,000 was allocated to implement this strategic plan
"If you're gonna go, go big!"
What did Kickin' Apps do well?

What can Kickin' Apps do better?
Would you use this service in the future?
Were the updated social media outlets useful to you?
SWOT Analysis
There is virtually no competition for Kickin' Apps
A lot of students nowadays are going to college
Business does its job well
Already has a social media presence

Not many people know about Kickin' Apps
Sole proprietorship makes it difficult to take on more clients
Does not use social media presence to fullest potential
Kickin' Apps' current clients will eventually need this service again
College level students are in need of this service
High schools are starting to offer college readiness classes for free
Tutoring services are starting to offer college counseling
October 2014-- Interview with Marrella
October-November 2014-- Survey distribution
December 2014-- Focus group
January 2015-- Interview with Swartz
Proposed Strategies:
Updating Social Media pages................$0
Develop Website..............................$3500
Hire 3 interns at $10/hr for 6 mos...$14400
Coding for application......................$5000
Travel expenses...............................$4500
Goal 1: Attract underserved Generation
Goal 2: Increase profits by 10%
Goal 3: Improve brand perception amongst underserved market (Generation Y)
Goal 4: Expand technology base
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