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German School System

No description

Natalie Schmidt

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of German School System

German School System
1. Kindergarten
- groups for different ages
- last year: Vorschule as preperation for school, kids draw and do handicrafts
2. Grundschule
four years
1st grade: 6 and 7-year olds
learning how to read and write, simple maths, science and geographie, music, art, PE, ethics or religion, handicraft
English starts in 3rd grade
3. Mittelschule OR Gymnasium
8 years: 5th to 12th grade
German, Maths, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, 3rd language (French, Russian or Latin), Informatic, Politics, Ethics/Religion, Art, Music, PE

4. Universität
6 years: 5th to 10th grade
German, Maths, English, Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, History, Ethics/Religion, PE, Music, Art, Domestic Science
who fails repeats a year or goes to the Hauptschule or Realschule (only 4 years)
only if you got Abitur
selection after numerus clausus
different branches
small universities and big universities
public universities are free
going to a school to learn skills for a job
or start to work
In Germany, you are allowed to drive with 18...
But because cars is twice as expensive than here in the US, college students are known for using public transport or bikes.
At the end of 12th grade students get the Abitur.
Its a certificate that is needed to apply for an university
So what are the big differences?
1. in elementary school, you and your parents decide in what kind of school you will go:
2. Mittelschule or Gymnasium
3. It is accepted to be done with school after 10 years.
5. Public universities are free.
4. Schools are smaller and don't have as man club, especially sports are not a big school issue.
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