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Lord of the flies - major events

No description

Zach Clement

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the flies - major events

Lord of the flies - major events
Chapter 4
Roger throws rocks to Henry and purposely misses
Ralph sees boat on the horizon
No attention from the boat because there was no signal fire
Chapter 1
Ralph and piggy use the conch to call the others and the choir
Ralph suggests a leader and he himself gets elected
Ralph, Jack, Simon climb the mountain and confirm they are on a island
Chapter 2
During an assembly, the mulberry faced kid states that there's a beast on the island
Ralph wants a signal fire on the mountain
Mulberry faced kid burns
Chapter 3
Ralph and Simon build huts, shelter
Jack and his choir want fun and go hunting
Chapter 5
Ralph holds another assembly to make sure they do there role
Ralph contemplates not being chief anymore
Chapter 6
Dead parachutist lands on the mountain
Sam and Eric get scared and think its the beast and rush back to Ralph
All the hunters go to castle rock to look for the beast
Chapter 7
Hunting party go to the mountain and sees a pig (rough reenactment with Roger)
Roger, Ralph and Jack climb the mountain
They see the dead parachutist (beast)
Chapter 8
Jack and Ralph have a falling out = Jack leaves tribe
Maurice, Bill and Roger joined Jack's Tribe
Jack kills a pig
Simon talks to the pig's head (Lord of the Flies)
Chapter 9
Simon discovers the beast is a man (parachutist)
Jack hosts a party Ralph, Piggy and the rest attend the party
Simon arrives at the party and gets killed
Wind catches the parachutist and drifts away
Chapter 10
Jack is a dictator ties up Wilfred and beats him
Jack, Maurice and Rogers raid Ralph's camp to steel Piggy's glasses at night
Chapter 11
Ralph goes to Jack's Camp to get the glasses back
Piggy gets crushed after the fight (Jack vs Ralph)
Sam and Eric are forced to join Jack's tribe
Chapter 12
Jack wants to decapitate Ralph
He lights the forest on fire
While Ralph is running away finds a naval officer they escape the island
(Exposition-Rising action)
(Rising action)
(Rising action)
(Rising action)
(Rising action)
(Rising action)
(Rising action)
(Falling action)
(Falling action)
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