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My Steering Wheel Project

No description

Jim Matthews

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of My Steering Wheel Project

My Steering Wheel Project
Alex Butler
Now the second product I found online
it has its uses. but is visually sickening
I was given the task of designing a steering wheel that will help people who suffer from disabilities
first of all I had to do some research on exiting products
This was the first product I could find
Again Very Ugly
So its time to design a steering that looks great and funtions perfectly
Now it is time to
do some shopping
so i went to this place........
In this visit i spoke to some experts on the exisitng products. I gathered the feedback and used this in helping me progress with a design of my product.
I learnt the Pros and Cons of each
product. So I will use this to revolutionase my Steering Wheel
I still wasnt ready to do a design, so finally I spoke
to my gran who suffers from arthritus in her fingers.
so i wanted to use any knowledge she has to really help me creating a good product to help people who will suffer.
I found out the common issues are:
Reaching to controlls while driving
so i did some designs on paper
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