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To the shallow psychologist

Year 10 Unseen Poetry Lesson 2

Jackie Savage

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of To the shallow psychologist

Unseen Poetry To the Shallow Psychologist Let's see how much you know... In your teams of 4, chose one spokesperson.
They will act as your mouth piece but you can
them out as much as you want- be careful not
to be too loud and help the other teams! To the Shallow Psychologist Working in pairs, annotate the poem. Use your
keywords to help you pick out important things
that you would talk about in the exam. As individuals, write a PEE paragraph for 3
different poetic techniques.

You can chose any technique to focus on.

Remember a PEE paragraph is like a sandwhich, it must have everything to be satisfying! Colour in the smiley face that represents
how you feel about analysing poetry.
Stick it in your books and tell me how I can make you more confident. Underneath write
3 things they have learnt,
2 things they could teach someone else,
and 1 question they have. Recap 'Alone' Fill in the sheet waiting at your desk
with examples of poetic techniques from Alone. Lets see what you've got Why are we analysing Poetry?? The exam at the end of year 11 is split into two parts.
Part A is on Mice and Men which is covered at the end of year 10 and in year 11.
Part B is on 'Unseen Poetry', these poems will not appear but we are practising the skills you will need.
The harder you work now, the easier it will be in year 11. What does the exam look like? The exam is worth 35% of your literature mark.
It is 2 hours, one hour for Of Mice and Men and one hour for Unseen Poetry.
You will be marked on your ability to closely analyse the poem and how it works overall.
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