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Analyzing Ads and Propaganda

No description

Maureen (:

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Analyzing Ads and Propaganda

for BOYD Auto body & Glass

Card Stacking
Billboard Advertisements

For Langara College
Technique(s) used:
Glittering Generality
Video Advertisements
for Coca Cola Australia
Technique(s) Used:
Other features:
Set in a happy environment (blue skies and palm trees)
fine print at end of ad
Other Features:
Attracts with bright colour
Putting an ad on a bus lets a wider range of people see it, although they can choose to ignore the ad/ the bus may pass too fast
Text Message Advertisements
Techniques Used:
Card Stacking
Newspaper Advertisement
Card Stacking
Uses only bright red
Mainly targets buyers
Uses numbers to persuade buyers
Has fine print at bottom
No proof that the statements weren't exaggerated
Just because they were happy with service doesn't mean the service will satisfy all
Is it effective??
"Get your all new 2015 Chevrolet Cruze today! Starting at only 25,000 the Chevrolet Cruze has maximum fuel efficiency and the latest technology! Hurry now, the spring sale ends May 30, 1999"
Says "College of Higher Learning"
Radio Advertisement
Other Features:
Statement about experience with BOYD
BOYD logo
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