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The Rise of the Warrior Class in Japan

No description

Braeden B

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of The Rise of the Warrior Class in Japan

Chapter 22
The Rise of the Warrior Class in Japan Vocab

Shogun- the head of the military government of Japan in the era of the samurai

Daimyo- a local lord in Japan in the era of the samurai Bullet Notes Shogun Daimyo Samurai Practiced until perfect
Samurai=dangerous opponents
Overcame fear of death
Developed sixth-sense Also skilled in Literature
Had to have etiquette
Most samurai Buddhist
2 forms, Amida/Zen Samurai= loyal and honest to lords
Code broken=ritual seppuku
Women were also samurai
Women took place of husbands role
Trained the same way THE END
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