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The History of Hair and Beauty

A multimedia project by Kat Vanderbilt for Mrs. Vicker's Advanced Language Arts class at ELMS

Kat Vanderbilt

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of The History of Hair and Beauty

The History of Hair and Beauty My project takes place in the 18th century: Geogian times. The make-up products and hairstyling techniques were much different than they are today.
For example, many women used products such as cinnabar and cochineal. Cinnabar, also known as vermillion, was made of a dark red crystal. Cochineal was made from the blood of a small beetle found in Mexico. The blood was mixed with nitrous acid, making it unsafe. My project takes place in the 18th century: Georgian times. The hairstyling techniques and make- up products were much different than they are today. Another make-up product at the time was a white make- up used to cover small pox, a deadly disease that many women were diagnosed with. This white make- up was made of white lead and mixed with poppy or almond oil. The lead in the make- up was what made it poisonous. Most women died of lead poisoning. Georgian hair was grey and piled high ontop of your haed, making your face look wshed out and feauturless. At the salons, women had their eyebrows darkened and rouge lip colour was used. This is the end of my Hair and Beauty Prezi. I haope that you learned something from it. This Prezi was by Kat Vanderbilt, a student at East Lincoln Middle School.
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