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No description

kai zeng

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of advertisting

Presented By Fuel band
by MAD NIKE+ Fuel band conclusion Come and buy a FuelBand! Nike fuelband is more than a heartbeat watch.

It is a ultimate measure of your athletic life:
Once you are moving;
Once you are breathing;
It is counting. Mission Mission It measures your moves and turns them into NikeFuel
which calculates everyone by the same way.
So you can compare and compete with anyone. Connect the world by Nike fuelband:
Through the connection with computers ,
Facebook and Smartphones. Vision The 3E-vision:
Exercise with trend
Exercise with friends
Exercise with Nike Fuelbands MAD MAD Make
Difference Make
ADvertisements Members Account Executive--
Fang shang
Account Planner--
Yu Lok Hang, An Jiang Hong
Media Planner--
Li Ying Kit
Creative Director--
Zeng Kai, Nga Ching Lam Through a sports-tested accelerometer,
Nike+ FuelBand tracks your daily activity including running, walking, basketball,
dancing - and dozens of everyday activities.
It tracks each step taken and calorie burned.
It also tells the time of day. introduction of Nike+ Fuelband Third Generation in 2012:
brand-new Nike FuelbBand
All in one. Nothing more. Second generation:
Sportband, 2008
Watchband, 2011 First Generation:
The sensor and iPod kit, 2006 Timeline of Nike+ Gear

-Calculated, planned and tracked
-Fun & Stimulation
-Sharing with Friends. How it works PR Activities Hong Kong Station Set counter Nnamdi Asomugha Michael Jordon Samples and Review Send out Fuelband kits
Ask them to join Nike+ Commnity
Post reviews
Celebrity effects Samples and Review Michelle Phan
Attracts the younger community
Fashion mix-and-match tutorials Reviews by Stylist Make-up Tutorial and Fuelband Reviews by Stylists Nike+ Community
1st Prize: One-month World Tour
2nd Prize: a whole set of Fuelband Rewarding competition Facebook and Twitter
Share and like the page and posts
Peer influence Social Networking Sites Washi tape
Create a unique and personalized Fuelband
Available with Fuelband in sale Cross-over Cross-over Sales Promotion Display window
Models with Nike outfit in flagstores
Nike retail stores: Salespersons Sports Shops Sports Shops Amazon and Nike online store
Free shipping Online purchase Nike official website and Facebook page
QR code Online coupon Free upon the first year of purchase Repair and Maintenance TV commercial
Posters on magazines and newspapers
Posters on streets and metro stations
Online promotion Advertising TV Commercial (daily life version) Make it counts sharing
connecting to smartphones and computers Fashion
cool Make it counts TV Commercial (sports version) for magazines and newspapers Posters In metro station Posters Posters on the streets ~Upload the commercial video to YouTube
~Post some posters onto the hot webpages
~Competition Online promotion Nike Fuelband
-Professional Targeted Group:
Hardcore sports fan
Adults and teens that exercise regularly Imaging Building The theme of this series of ads is to convey that it is more than a fuelband.
It represents an attitude for discipline and a striving for a higher goal, a breakthrough of oneself. “More than it counts.”

Fuelband is VICTORY. Spokesperson
Aaron Kwok
Breathtaking appearance
Positive image
Seldom involved or can be said clean of scandals
Stable love relationship
Elected as香港十大傑出青年 Reasons for choosing Sporty
Impressive six packs
Known as the Dancing King
In love with car racing Media Planning Outdoor Advertisement board
Bust stops
Sports product shops
Online sports forum
advertisement boards
The platforms and pillars Venues In crowded areas like Mong Kowk, Causeway.
Especially opposite to fitness centers like California fitness Outdoor Advertisement board Despite some people who visited the sports retail shop could do so on single basis instead of regular. Still, sports lover would also go to these shops seeking for equipment. So by posting ads there, we will make sure they will create interest and desire and in the end, purchase it. Sports retail shops ordinary ones on lifestyle which will be bought by the wide public.
it will be placed in the Sports magazines which sports fan or interested in exercising who purchase to read them
E.g: Milk / XXL Magazines The MTR ads placement is indeed a very effective move since being the most convenient public transport in Hong Kong reaching a passenger flow of 119,956,000.
The insertion of the ads in popular stations especially those transition ones who indeed have a high number of eye reaches. MTR 1) By poster placement
Placing ads in the subways of railways. It allow people to read and view the ads while they are waiting. Also, people who go to work and school would pay regular visits and have the brand and product mark into their minds. 2) Decorating the station itself
By making the pillars into fuelbands
By making the platforms running tracks with lights like the poster. This is to symbolize fueling up the people with the band when they rush throught the platforms. sharing
connecting to smartphones and computers We are MAD,
we can Make A Difference. Q & A
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