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Medicine Through the Decades

No description

Jenny Yun

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Medicine Through the Decades

Thank You!
Florence Nightingale introduces new sanitary measures during the Crimean War.
anesthesia is starting to be used
The germ theory is introduced
Majority of the world still suffers from Tuberculosis and Cholera
Ambulance system introduced
Smallpox vaccine
X-ray was invented

-Great improvements to medical schools
-new advancements in order to deal with the gas warfare
-spanish influenza caused the world to suffer= new found troubles

Created by Jenny Yun
Medicine Through the Decades
Bloodletting was comman and was used to treat nearly everything in order to balance the four humors: Blood, yellow Bile, Black Bile, and Phlegm
Anesthesia was not very conman rather many used alcohol to subdue the pain
Technically there were doctors but many were unavailable to many-Local barber also a surgeon
little to no sanitary measure for bacteria,viruses, germs have yet to be

First vaccine introduced for Cholera
Anesthesia more popular(cocain)
Antiseptics are first used in around 1886
Started the training of doctors

First successful heart transplant
discovery of Hepatitis A,
synthesis of the world’s first wonder drug, Penicillin
Polio vaccine
birth control pill called Enovid
Kidney transplant
smoking=health risk
Cure-all vaccine for diphtheria, polio, and whooping cough was released
Modern day (2000-2010)
Decoding the human genome
stem cell research
Cancer therapy
New digital advancements=f MRI
Heart disease gets better

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