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Ocean Pollution And Overfishing

No description

Albus Dumbledore

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of Ocean Pollution And Overfishing

Oil, Fertilizer, Garbage, and Toxic Chemicals are some forms of ocean Pollution
Ocean Pollution And Overfishing
Ocean Pollution
Over 80% of Ocean pollution comes from land-based activities
What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an area of trash that is
twice the size of Texas!
The Below pie chart shows the proportions of Ocean Pollution
Plastic Make Up 60% of Ocean Pollution
A few more facts about Ocean Pollution...
by Andrew Ghastine and Tara Chalasani
1/5 of Fish are Caught ILLEGALLY!
Most of Earth's Fish Stocks are Exploited
Fishing nets catch a whole lot more than they're supposed to, called bycatch
The pie chart and map show the percentage of Sharks fished of the European Union
Top Ten Marine Debris Items
The pie chart above shows the 10 most found ocean pollutants
In Just 55 years, Humanity has wiped out 90% of the Oceans Predators
Losing Nemo...
The following is a short animated film entitled
Nemo. It states some facts in a fun animated form. Enjoy!
Illegal Adidas shoes
Adidas unveiled a shoe line entirely made out of illegal fishing
What is bycatch?
Effects on Animals
Every 60 seconds a Species dies Out
Bluefish Tuna are Dying out, But No one seems to care as much as they would if it were a Panda.
This is a Line Graph of the Shark meat Exported from japan over the years
Dory- A Victim of Bycatch
How to Help
Conserve Energy
Use Less Plastic!
Don't litter the Ocean!
In order to have a successful economy, we have to make some trade-off decisions. For example, mass industry will result in pollution, some people think its worth the extra pollutants, but some will value environment more.
Trade-offs of overfishing
Some countries are dependent on seafood, in their perspective its the only way to support the economy and make sure everyone has food.
Buy Sustainably caught Fish
The Odd Country OUt
Americans make up about 5% of the world´s population but produce as much as 30% of the world´s pollution. That makes for a terrible ratio.
Summer Challenge
Our challenge to you:
Reduce your carbon footprint
Make Safe, Sustainable Seafood Choices. ...
Use Fewer Plastic Products. ...
Help Take Care of the Beach. ...
Don't Purchase Items That Exploit Marine Life. ...
Be an Ocean-Friendly Pet Owner. ...
Support Organizations Working to Protect the Ocean. ...
Influence Change in Your Community.

Conserving energy reduces your carbon footprint, which reduces the effects of global warming, preventing harm to coral reefs. The ocean is largely dependent on coral reefs, as they reside close to the bottom of the food chain.

Plastic Utensils
Glass Bottles
Beverage Cans
Cigarette filters
Plastic Bags
Food Wrappers
Lids and Caps
Plastic Bottles
Paper Bags
Spread Awareness
Spread the word! Tell others about the growing ocean crisis. And remember, you're never too young to help.
For example, this chart was made by second graders. What were
doing in second grade?
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