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Copy of hist


domz dalay

on 17 August 2011

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Transcript of Copy of hist

THE MUSLIM PROBLEMS Congressional Report on the Moro problem in 1954 states the problem briefly as follows: “As an individual the Muslim refuses to concede that he is a part of entire Filipino community. He identifies himself by his religion “ Not capable to develop as progressively as the Christian

Not fully submitting to even the very minor working of government such as taxation

Improper education of Muslim leader holding political power yet baying positive programs of their fellow Muslims. The Surveyors further state “The Muslim-Christian hostility is perpetuated to this day by an ignorant and biased media aided by some members of the educated elite. Christian today continue to measure out their fertile imagination an image of the Filipino Muslims as “brutal”, “treacherous “, “bandits and pirates”. ”Failure of formal education to erase this negative image of Muslim Filipino suggest that all levels of education institutions could be a real help to change Christian student from rejection to acceptance of Muslim Filipinos”. A Muslim scholar has state succinctly “The real problem of the Muslim in this country is not economic, political or social, but the Muslim leadership itself. But it does not relieve the Christian Filipino of his share of the problem and responsibility to work with other Christian and Muslim of good will in seeking a solution”. Report by a Muslim Senator “The North Cotabato problem is a microcosm of the so called Moro problem which is a failure of the national government to draw the mainstream of our national life Muslim and other indigenous Minorities. It implies a gap in understanding as well as a disparity in standards of living between Muslims and Christian in our country." What everyone, Muslim and Christian needs to recognize is his own contribution to the problem so that he is prepared to contribute to finding a solution? Definition of by: Robert d. mCAmis Reporter: Dominador A. dalay jR. Most education Muslim do refer to themselves as Muslim Filipino,

Those living in rural areas with little no formal education will usually identify themselves by tribe or religious groups.

In scholarly, Muslim and Christian use the term Moro in the positive term among both groups. A recent article by a Christian Filipino states; Muslims are much more ready and open to accept and work with Christians.

Christian college student confirms that much has to be done to change the attitude toward the Muslim Filipino. “College student would show more acceptance and tolerance toward the Muslim than the non college student.

The average Christian Filipino rejects the average Muslim Filipino. Is this a Muslim problem? Or a Christian problem?
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