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Other Countries

The Good Life Game Questions!

Kelli Hughes

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Other Countries

What is the total population of the country Chile? In the most recent census (2002), What percent of the population identified as Roman Catholic in Chile? What is the official language of Chile? In what season does Christmas take place in Chile? What mountain range is in Chile? What is the Population of Afghanistan? What is the major religion of Afghanistan? Can you guess which country this was taken in? How many Catholics live in Afghanistan? Where is Afghanistan? Where is Darfur located in Africa? Who are the two main groups of people in Darfur? What is the most popular religion of Darfur? What is the conflict today all about in Darfur? In Dafar, in what year did the most recent troubles begin? Approximately how many people have been killed due to the war in Darfur? Which country does Haiti share the island of Hispaniola with? The most widely spoken language in Haiti is Creole. What other language is this based on? What is the main industry of Haiti?
Haiti used to have a tourism industry. Why is it no longer present?
How many people died in the earthquake in Haiti in January?
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