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Superlatives, Comparatives and Adjectives

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Sam Cowan

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Superlatives, Comparatives and Adjectives

Superlatives, Comparatives and Adjectives What did we do last class? What are comparatives and superlatives? What is an adjective? A describing word.
Example? Types of adjectives. Describe the difference between two things. Usain Bolt is the fastest person in the world. Usain Bolt is taller than Sam Teacher There are some rules for using superlatives and comparatives: 1. If the adjective is short, we add 'er' or 'est'.
For example:
Adjective – Soft
Comparative – Softer
Superlative – Softest 2. If the adjective is long we put more or most before the adjective.
For example:
Adjective – Expensive
Comparative – More expensive
Superlative – Most expensive 3. If the adjective ends in a ‘y’, change the ‘y’ to an ‘I’ and add er or est.
For example:
Adjective – Funny
Comparative – Funnier
Superlative – Funniest 4. However, there are some that do not follow these rules.
For example:
Adjective – Good
Comparative – Better
Superlative – Best With your partner, can you complete the adjective table? Dice game .. One person from each group will roll the dice twice. The player will then create a comparative sentence with the matching numbers If you land on a double, then you should create a superlative sentence about that number. Correct sentences win two points Comparing Your Superheroes Take out your superhero handout that you created last class, compare your superhero to the others on your table.

Create some comparative and superlative sentences about the superheroes.

Is your superhero taller? stronger? quicker? cuter? better? than the person next to you?

Who's superhero is the tallest? Strongest? Quickest? Most powerful? Best? How can you compare The Simpson family? Example 2 = Adjective - Cool
Comparative -
Superlative - Example 2 = Adjective - Dangerous
Comparative -
Superlative - Adjective - Pretty
Comparative -
Superlative - Adjective - Bad
Comparative - W_______
Superlative - W_______
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