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Missouri Geology and the Civil War

A short evaluation of the role of geology and geography on the conduct of the Civil War in Missouri.

Kevin Evans

on 20 February 2012

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Transcript of Missouri Geology and the Civil War

Geologic Influences on
the Conduct of
the Civil War in
Southwestern Missouri Kevin R. Evans — Missouri State University 1861 July 20-22 Battle of Forsyth 1880s Baldknobbers 1854-1860 Border War (Bleeding Kansas)
Agrarian South vs. Industrial North
Autonomy vs. Union
Slavery vs. Abolition
Cultural Conflict 1865-1870
Radical Republicans Conflict began before 1861
Lasted well beyond 1865 Military Science Military Geology WHY STUDY CIVIL WAR GEOLOGY? STRATEGIC LOCATION Frontier Barrier
Southern Slave State
European Immigrant Influx
Crossroads for Transportation Robin Hood Mythology
(Jesse James) Vigilantism (Northern vs. Southern) Strategy and Tactics 1858 Marais des Cygnes Massacre STRATEGIC RESOURCES Lead and Iron
Zinc, Copper, Silver, and Gold
Coal, Clay, and Stone
Saltpeter 1853 Missouri Geological Survey Gov. Sterling Price 1861-1865 Civil War Old Lead Belt • • Granby (lead) Maramec Spring (iron) • Pilot Knob (iron) • • Pierson Creek (lead) Potosi (lead) • Potosi (Mine au Breton)
(Schoolcraft, 1819) Mines Transportation Terrain TERRAIN AND TACTICS High Ground
Cover and Concealment
Terrain Hardness
Chokepoints Shadow Rock Battle of Wilson's Creek (Oak Hills) Critzer Limestone Mbr. of Hertha Fm. Forsyth, Missouri ca. 1900 Wilson's Creek (Oak Hills) Marais des Cygnes Massacre, Linn County, Kansas SEEDS OF CONFLICT Questions? Potosi, Missouri Camp Jackson
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