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New Mascot Design

Lake Havasu Community College

Jennifer Adam

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of New Mascot Design

New Logo & Mascot!
Lake Havasu Community College
Thank You &
Enjoy Your New Mascot

by May Cheevasittirungruang,
Spencer Elliott & Jennifer Adam
Survey Results
Conducted comprehensive survey of students and faculty to determine the new design
Current Logo & Mascot
New Design
There was an overwhelming desire (89% of students and 76% of faculty)
for a completely new design that reflects the main tourist attraction of Lake Havasu, AZ
The London Bridge
The Two Most Popular Mascot Designs
New Logo Design
The two new logo designs our company submitted were in a similar font (lead to accusations of cheating)

Resolution is that it is a common collegiate font &
We are all one company working for the client even though employees were split into two teams
- adopt name of design 1 with the
logo of design 2
We choose the 10 most popular ideas and re-surveyed the school for the final pick
Final Selected Design
Conflict With Alumni Association
New mascot is too dynamic, Beefeaters are traditionally stoic

Resolution is that we will honor what the current students and faculty voted for
- wanted a motivating mascot to energize school functions
Barney the Beefeater
78% of idea submissions came from students and 22% from faculty
Barney the Beefeater
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