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Peter Horvat

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

"We make customers feel at home when shopping for the finer things in life." Enhancing luxury brands using eye tracking technology Structure The Luxury Goods Retail Market Store ambiance best practices
past case studies
copying from competitors

intuition and acquired experience
internal knowledge
trial and error methods

customer interview
cheap but time consuming
post-hoc, incomplete information obtained
unreliable or/and biased results Existing Solutions customer responses tracking by Eye Tracking Spectacles

gathers unbiased primary data concerning consumer experience
continuous analysis provides foundation for re-design according to respective shop's specifics
uninterrupted testing crucial

will result in naturally comfortable shopping and unique experience Our Solution Our value proposition Business model OCULUS The Need Nature of competition Value proposition for end-customers Trends low and falling concentration

changing sales channels
small city-center shops
fashion alleys/shopping malls
e-commerce outlets high degree of differentiation
extreme importance of brand loyalty

e-commerce gaining importance
B&M still instrumental in making contact with brands steady market growth until 2011
contraction from 2012 on (E Europe is an important exception)
growth fueled by emerging consumers
tourism is main growth driver

E-commerce growing rapidly but no cannibalization of B&M
expansion of brands across price ranges high quality

brand as much a part as the product
shopping itself important part of the experience locking in new loyal customers is
most important contact with brand often established in stores
store design has to stand out from competition Store layout Eye-Tracking
Technology Customers outsource
analytics Marketing strategy
address needs of target customer market
design, ambiance and lighting in line with brand image
showcasing top sellers implement "occasion based" merchandizing
layout of products in correspondence with customer decision tree Subscription service attract high-profile luxury goods retail clients as means of reference
provide solutions customized for each clients' specific needs
expand to whole South European market Know-How
data analysis
industry specific
up-to-date knowledge 25 stores in 11 cities in Slovenia
2011:€11m of assets, €15m of sales 4 stores in Slovenia (2 in Ljibljana,
1 in Celje, 1 in Maribor) Ownes franchises of Bata, Boss, G-Star RAW, GDM, Marx, Orsay, Pimkie, Parfois, Six, Tally Weijl, Tom Taylor, and XYZ, as well as Sportina stores (all together 72 stores all countries of the former Yugoslavia)
2011: €50m of assets, €66m of sales Over 30 stores in Slovenia, over 20 in Croatia
2011: €10.5m in assets, €24m in sales References 1.Bain & Company. (2012, October 15). Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study, eleventh edition. Retrieved from http://www.ipmark.com/pdf/lujo_2012.pdf 2.European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance. (2012, March 27). Luxury, a growth driver for 21st century, Europe. ECCIA, Brussels, Belgium. Retrieved from http://www.eccia.eu/index.php?id=23&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=19&cHash=e2720f1fef9f21e42c2bcbd4d490d0733.Frontier Economics. (2012).The value of the cultural and creative industries to the European economy. Frontier Economics Ltd, London. Retrieved from http://www.comitecolbert.com/assets/files/paragraphes/fichiers/20/Thevalueoftheculturalandcreative.PDF4.PwC. (2012). Market Vision Luxury. Challenges and opportunities in the new luxury world: winners and strategic drivers. Retrieved from http://www.pwc.com/it/it/publications/assets/docs/marketvision-luxury-2012.pdf5.Rohit Arora. (2013, May 8). 8 P’s of Luxury Brand Marketing. BPG Group, Dubai, UAE. Retrieved from http://www.brandchannel.com/images/papers/533_8ps_of_luxury_branding.pdf6.Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.stat.si/ Peter Horvat
Liudmyla Iakubenko
Klemen Perusko

Mentors: prof. Mateja Drnonvsek, PhD
prof. Jaka Lindic, PhD
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