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Classcraft Character Overview

No description

fortin alexandra

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Classcraft Character Overview

Classcraft Character Overview
When you start Classcraft, you need to choose the category of your character.

You can choose a boy or a girl.

There are 3 categories.
Once you chose your category, you have to play with it until the end of the game, at the end of the year. You can't change it.

If you accept all of the positive aspects that your character can give you, you also have to accept all the negative consequences.

max HP : 30
max AP : 50
Strong characters because they can use their Powers often.
For students who are confident they won't lose HP.
max HP : 80
max AP : 30
good for students who might lose HP easily.
cannot use Powers often.
Examples of Powers
- The warrior can eat in class.
(10 AP)
- The warrior can have a hint for one question during a test.
(20 AP)
- The warrior can lose up to 30 HP instead of a teammate, receiving only 80% damage.
(10 AP)
- All teammates can give in a project a day later.
(30 AP)
- Etc.
Examples of Powers
- A Teammate of the healer gets 10 HP.
(15 AP)
- In a test, a healer can ask the GM if his/her answer is good.
(10 AP)
- When a teammate falls in battle
(0 HP)
the teammate avoids a sentence and goes to
1 HP
(25 AP)
- All teammates get 15 HP.
(30 AP)
- etc.
Examples of Powers
- All members of the team except mages get 7 AP.
(35 AP)
- The mage can trade places with anyone in the classroom for one period.
(5 AP)
- A teammate that is not a mage gets back all his AP.
(40 AP)
- All team members get an extra 8 min in a test.
(40 AP)
- etc.
max HP : 50
max AP : 40
for students who like to help others
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