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The Horse and His Boy

No description

Jamesy-Wamesy Wolf

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of The Horse and His Boy

Rising Action
The exposition is when Shasta meets a horse named Bree and Bree was a talking horse from Narnia and they are trying to make it back to Narnia.
The rising action happens when Shasta finds out that he comes from of the mystical lad of the north. Shasta finds this when he overhears his false and cruel father taking to a Tarken or a very respected high lord.
Types of Conflict
The climax is when Shasta meets a Tarkenna, and they work to surpass the obstacles that they both have to face. The climax is also happens when they are on their way to find King Lune. He finds out why he is so valuable.
The resolution is when Shasta is about to be captured and King Lune steps in and saves the day. He does this because he doesn't want to lose Shasta again.

The theme is never give up hope because when Shasta and Bree were trying to get to Narnia , they had a lot of obstacles in their way, but they didn't give up.
The falling action is when Shasta finds his real father and when he learns all about himself. Also when Shasta is telling him about the war that is coming to capture Shasta again. Shasta's father goes to battle with the Tarken, the Tarken starts to win and tries to capture Shasta .
Falling Action
The Horse and His Boy
Character vs Character because the prince wants to marry Susan, but Susan said no.

Characters vs Self because Shasta doesn't know of he should escape with Bree. He also has to decide if he wants to go to battle.

Character vs Nature because Shasta is left alone and has to protect himself from the lion.(Aslan)

Literary Devices
Mood and Tone
Shasta is a round character because he has alot of traits through out the book like bravery, perseverace,kind, and many more
Bree is a round character because he also has alot of character traits like smart, annoying, funny and lots more characters.
Point of View
The point of view is 3rd person because it doesn't use I, me, my, we, us or other first person things and also it doens't use you or your but it does use she, he, him,his,her, and the person's name.
The Mood is scary because you don't know what is going to happen to them and if they will make it to Tashbann/Narnia or if someone was going to catch them.
The Tone is desperate because the author wants you to feel desperate for the characters to find out if they make it to Narnia or not.

Metaphor because it says
" I'd wish you'd hold your tongue"
And she doesn't actually mean hold your tongue
Imagery because you could really picture what the author is trying to describe something or the setting like
The literary devices are...
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