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Lysosomes and Vacuoles

Bio Project

Sarah Webber

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Lysosomes and Vacuoles

Lysosomes and Vacuoles Research Question What are Lysosomes and Vacuoles and how do they work together? Lysosomes Single cell organelles
Digest excess or worn-out organelles, food particles, and engulf viruses or bacteria
Described as stomach of cell
Found in animal cells; Existence in yeast and plants are disputed
Numerous in disease fighting cells
Float in cytoplasm until needed Functions Goes to work when the cell absorbs food
When the material is inside the cell, the lysosomes attach and release enzymes, which break down complex molecules
After they are broken down, they are transported back in to the cytoplasm as new cell building materials
When food is scarce, they will digest the cell organelles for nutrients
Recycle cell's own organic material through a process called autophagy Fun Fact: Lysosomes use types of enzymes Vacuoles Membrane bound organelle
Present in all plant and fungal cells; some animal and bacterial cells
"Backpack" of the cell Functions Isolates materials that might be harmful to the cell
Contains waste products
Contains water in plant cells
Maintains internal hydrostatic pressure or turgor within the cell
Maintains an acidic internal pH
Contains small molecules
Exports unwanted substances
Allows plants to support structures(leaves and flowers) due to the pressure int the cell
In seeds, stored protiens needed or germination are kept in Protein Bodies - modified vacuoles Working Together Lysosomes fuse with vacuoles and dispense their enzymes into the vacuoles, digesting their contents Sources www.biology-online.org
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