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M.A.C Aids Fund

No description

Jenna Bradwell

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of M.A.C Aids Fund

•Makeup Art Cosmetics (M.A.C).
•1984 Canada
•Hair salon owner Frank Toskan and makeup artist Frank Angelo.
•1994 sold to Estee Lauder •Exclusively sold in department and concept/ online stores.
•Over 1000 M.A.C concepts worldwide!
•Celebrities: Dita Von Teese, RuPaul, Fergie and Christina Aguilera. The Company: •Professional makeup artists
•Young women
•Models, celebrities.
•Fashion forward individuals. Target Market: Words/People? * 1994
* Developed to support people of all ages, genders and sexualities living with HIV/ AIDS worldwide.
*Donating funds to affected communities
* launching education/ prevention programs and services.
* M.A.C is currently the leading non-pharmaceutical corporate fundraiser for the HIV/ AIDS cause worldwide . M.A.C AIDS Fund: • Backbone of the M.A.C AIDS fund.
• Raised over $206 million since 1994.
• Range of lipstick and lipglass
• $35 AUS $14.50 US
• Promoted and endorsed by different celebrities each year.
• EVERY CENT goes to the M.A.C AIDS fund. VIVA GLAM Campaign: Strategies: • ‘Cool’ brand/ recognition.
• Fashionable advertising campaigns.
• Celebrities- “influential, provocative, alternative and reflect diverse communities.”
• 2011- FOCUS: AIDS and Women- spokespeople Lady Gaga and Cindi Lauper. Press Release:
Lady Gaga Empowers You to Live With Passion. Love with Protection- Feb 17, 2011. • Lady Gaga is launching her second VIVA GLAM lipstick and lip glass and will represent M.A.C for second year in a row.
• M.A.C AIDS fund has reached $202 million target.
• M.A.C announces $5million in new funds for AIDS programs. Strengths: Foster, ‘Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations’

“74% of press releases are trashed because they aren’t news!”

* IT IS NEWS!!: Celeb, $5 mil in new donations, reached $202 mil.

* CLEAR, SIMPLE LANGUAGE. NO JARGON: Easy to read/ understand, not dramatic or trying to be the expert.
eg: " In honour of those living with or affected by AIDS". *CONSISTENT WITH COMPANY TONE/IMAGE: Uniform layout with logo, sharp, fresh and strong tone- consistent with the image of M.A.C.

*PRESENT TENSE/ ACTIVE VERBS: Make reader feel involved and adds immediacy. Call to action.

Eg: Lady Gaga “wants everyone everywhere to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS”. * POWERFUL QUOTES: Gaga speaks in 'soundbites'. Quoteable but
also intelligent imput and knowledge. Also John Dempsey (Chair).
eg: "Be your own biggest fan and protect yourself."

*THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES: No need to use dramatic words, facts make the point.
Eg: More adult women than ever before are living with HIV. In the US, 75% of sufferers are men. Weaknesses: * TOO MUCH ‘FLUFF’ IN INTRO: The actual news (reached $202 mil) isn’t until second par. Need to give ‘why’ straight away to grab attention and show news value.

Correction: “Lady Gaga urges you to live with passion, love with protection today as M.A.C’s VIVA GLAM Campaign celebrates raising over $202 million to support HIV/ AIDS programs throughout the world.” * MISSION STATEMENT TOO LONG: Could easily be summarised to sound less self-congratulatory and should be left until the second last or last para.

Correction: “The M.A.C AIDS Fund supports programs which address HIV/AIDS protection, treatment and prevention around the world. The VIVA GLAM Campaign focuses on self empowerment and encourages everyone to take control of HIV/AIDS risks in their lives.” * NO CONTACT DETAILS: The media need a contact to arrange interviews/ photos etc. Include a contact, phone, email and photo opportunities/ arrangements.

*HARD TO FIND ON WEBSITE: Should be a clear link on main page with all media release headlines clearly displayed. People won’t look for it- you need to have it ‘in their face’. * DOESNT HAVE A FLOWING NEWS STYLE: Quotes are in chunks, eg: “we are excited to have her as the face of our 2011 campaign”- John Demsey, Chairman M.A.C AIDS Fund.

Should ‘mesh’ like a news story- do the journalist’s job for them.eg: M.A.C AIDS Fund Chairman John Demsey said Lady Gaga had been a powerful voice for the organisation. “We are excited to have her as the face of our 2011 campaign,” he said.

* LAYOUT IS CLUTTERED: More spacing is needed, less capitals so it is easier to read. Clear, large headings are needed and while the logo should be included at top- brand recognition. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8qaaq_m-a-c-aids-fund_lifestyle Heart&Soul Video: Strengths: * SHOWS PEOPLE BEHIND COMPANY: Displays their
honest belief in the cause and helps put faces to the names in
press releases.

like "the fund is the soul of the brand.If you didn't believe in fighting this cause with us you wouldn't be with M.A.C". * USE OF EXPERTS: Centre for Research on Women, Equality in Imigration, AIDS organisations- gives credibility.

*SIMPLE, CASUAL TONE: Easy to understand, outlines main aspects of fund, not dramatic. *GOOD SLOGANS: Punchy, effective slogans leave big impact. "Every day is World AIDS Day at M.A.C". " Hope spreads faster than HIV." Weaknesses: *NO CALL TO ACTION/ LINKS: Doesn't say what we can do. No listing
of contact/ website.

Correction: Have someone talk about making donations and why YOU should
buy a lipstick. Direct to website or show address.

*NOT ENOUGH ACTION: Focuses on people speaking about it rather than the positive results.

Correction: Show footage of the programs in action/ the people who have received assitance to demonstrate impact. *SOME SPEAKERS NEED HELP: Monotone, expressionless- John Dempsey, Jesus Aguais.

Correction: Speech coaching, dot points instead of lines,

*NO 'BIG NAMES': M.A.C is famous for its use of outspoken celebrities. They aren't in video.

Correction: Use past and present faces of VIVA GLAM * CLUNKY STYLE, BORING: Frame changes are clunky and distacting, white background is uninteresting. Doesn't stick to image and 'outspoken'
attitude of brand.

Correction: Use a faster paced editing style, M.A.C logos in background or more intersting scenes. References: *Foster, John. Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations. London: Kogan Page, Print.
* "M.A.C AIDS Fund." Viva Glam. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 May 2011. <http://www.macaidsfund.org>.
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