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"Things Fall Apart" Event Timeline

No description

Bella Garcia

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of "Things Fall Apart" Event Timeline

Chapter 4
Chapter 13
The End
Chapter 1
"Things Fall Apart" Event Timeline
Okonkwo Defeats Amalinze the Cat
Okonkwo, is a wealthy member of the Umofia clan, where people who have wrestling titles are highly respected . In his youth he defeated "Amazline the Cat" who was undefeated until this match. This win brought honor to his village .

Okonkwo Breaks The Week Of Peace
During the week of peace Okonkwo notices one of his wifes has left her hut without making dinner.When she returns from a friends hut he beats her repeatedly .Because he has broken the week of peace the priest demands him to repent his sins by sacrifising a nanny goat,a hen, to pay a fine of one length of cloth, and to pay one hundred cowries.
Ikemefuna Is Murdered
Ikemefuna is a boy given to Okonkwo by a neighboring village. One of Okonkwo's wifes takes him in and he becomes very attached to the family even calling Okonkwo "father". Ikemefuna lives with the family for three years until Ogbuefi (a leader from the clan) tells Okonkwo that Ikemefuna must be killed. After hours of walking a man attacks him with a machete .Ikemefuna crys out to Okonkwo for help but instead he cuts the boy down so he doesn't look weak infront of the men.
Okonkwo Goes Into Exile
During a clansmember funeral, Okonkwo accidently fires his gun and killes another clansmember. Since killing a clansman is a crime ,Okonkwo must now pack up his favorite belongings and family and go into exile for seven years. According to tradition members of the tribe must now burn down Okonkwo's huts and slaughter his animals.
Nwoye Converts To Christainity
Nwoye is Okonkwo's son who is nothing like his father and hates him for killing Ikemefuna.He becomes fascinated by the christainity and decides to leave his fathers compound to go back to Umuofia which has a religious school there so he can learn to read and write.Which leaves Okonkwo thinking how could he ever fathered such a weak son.
Okonkwo Is Found Dead
After returning to his village which has much changed since he had left, Okonkwo has made up his mind about the christian brothers. He is aggravated that his fellow tribe memebers have not done anything to get ride of them. At a town meeting Okonkwo killed one of the christian brother's messagers. Being affraid on how it would end for him ,Okonkwo hangs himself.
Chapter 7
Chapter 17
Chapter 25
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